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Easter Message of His Eminence Syros-Mykonos Metropolitan. Dorotheou B’

Dear spiritual children,

Eclectic visitors syneortastes, where these holy days of our piety and salvation YOU ARE IN islands and honored simultaneously the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord.

With flooded our hearts from the joyous light of the Resurrection, participate in Mega experiential fact of transfusion zoidorou the resurrected God-human life on our corruptible nature and celebrates the Feast of Feasts, the Feast of spring and joy, Within our churches fotoloustous, hymns idymolpous and spiritual songs, and exo ap` This Preach great mystery resurrection, WITH THE polyaionia lilacs our customs, red eggs and lamb.

The egg, pre-Christian symbol of life and fertility, He gained another dimension to Christianity.

Beneath the compact and hard husk imprisoned the life, where, Nevertheless, It will not stay buried for long, will break the shell and resurrected!

In Christianity the egg becomes the rock, which sealed the tomb of Jesus, He made himself Tomb, where imprisoned life!

The life, Nevertheless, beat! The hard shell broke death, shattered, As the egg crumbles from the beak of the chick, where the darkness comes to the life and light!

And this symbol is the resurrection of our Lord, the egg, painted red, for us reminds us teaches that death was defeated by the blood poured Calvary, because red is the color of joy!

If All`, my brother, every time, where clinking Easter eggs, exclaiming Christ has risen, Theology and thereby resurrection Lord, By Paschalion Lamb remembered and declaring the Our exit from work of sin in place of free indeed!

Jews celebrated celebrate Easter, their passage from slavery of Egypt to the Promised Land, with miraculous crossing the Red Sea, eating lamb on the night of 14th TO 15th of the month Nisan (16 March-April 15), to remember that, with the blood of lambs, marking guns with which the doors of their homes, They saved the firstborn children to slaughter. (Exit, 12, 3-30)

With the advent of Christ, The passover lamb the Jews proved protyposi symbol and the true Lamb Paschale, the Lamb of God, of Iron sins of the world, by proclamation, Bonds and testimony of Precursor and Baptist John the Baptist, of Christ, sacrificed for us and with his blood bought us free from the slavery of death and offers us eternal life!

My dear Christians

Everyday trek, doleful and bent by the weight and bitterness of life, deaths, accidents, family fail, diseases, difficulties, multiple financial and personal Impasse, Let us not despair!

The resurrection is the Raising of killed in action, The vitalization of the dead, Renovation of Palau, The afthartopoiisi of corruptible, the final victory over the forces of evil!

Let's break, together with red eggs and the shell of the ego, Let's free our lives from the bark of sin, Let taste Lamb Salvation, And let send opinions EVERYWHERE, in the solid and seas, Our Seafarers, our emigrants, TO crying, patients, wronged them, THE bereaved and impoverished, The most joyful message, that "Christ is Risen!»

By lilac wishes and love


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