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Easter table: tips to not overdo!!

The lambs, the kokoretsi, Easter eggs and chocolate treats to your aplonontaimprosta, certainly hard to resist!!!…..

How, Nevertheless, To enjoy the best possible way;

Whether fasted the previous days, or not, it is certain that the table of Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday the wait eagerly and everything indicates that nothing will stand in your "diving" in lamb, the kid, eggs and everything,anything found in front of you, Meat and non….

Especially, Nevertheless, if the previous days had been deprived of meat, oily, milk and so on. -This does not mean that you not opt ​​to come short- should now that you are in front of a completely different table, move wisely and always in moderation, so as not to cause shock to your body, shake your metabolism and end up with bloating and digestive problems for the next ten days.

avoid, Well, the "paralysis" and bloated belly and enjoy the riot of flavors with one as the best possible way.

Start with salad!!

At Easter table, can be the protagonists meats, but the salads are dominant, perhaps giving a unique touch to healthy table.

And because the secret to not overdo it on any kind of table is to make sure to consume larger quantities of something healthier and less than a more greasy and fattening option, The salad is the best solution.

Fill, Well, your plate with salad and leave less room for meat.

Besides that you will eat more healthily, a sense of the full dish will make you feel that you lack no nothing, plus the fact that the fiber of green salad will fill you up more, They will help your digestion and make you feel "full" for a longer time.

Stay away from bread!!

You are looking kokoretsi, lamb, cheese, Easter eggs, salads and all the goodies.

We believe that the bread is just an exaggeration that does not fit in this table, since it is already filled with delicacies.

If you definitely want to dive a little crumb salad, at least make sure the bread is whole grain and not to exceed one thin slice.

drink water!!

Nearing lunch time we all wait; A good trick to not "fall in the face" to the food smells delicious to drink 1-2 glasses of water before starting the meal. indeed, according to scientists from Virginia United States, water before meals helps you eat less and consequently lose some 2 pounds -as found in a survey, those who drank 2 glasses of water, 3 times a day before meals- shortly.

Start, Well, the Easter table and apply the "trick" to your meals more.

Attention to alcohol!!

One to two glasses of wine with dinner, not only does not harm, but can improve digestion and give us "generously" their antioxidants, which act beneficially in the body, binding to and removing free radicals that long and when in excess can cause serious diseases.



Invest in your breakfast!!

A good breakfast will keep you satiated and strong all day, until dinner time, so try, but do not overdo it with the intestines as snacks go by until the lamb and not too hungry when it is time to eat. Few cereal with low fat milk or a sandwich with whole wheat bread and turkey, with coffee and an orange juice enough to receive nutrients and stay fuller.

Chew slowly!!

The surveys show that when we chew slowly eat less more and multiply, and the reason is that our slow chewing gives the opportunity to enjoy our food, To taste the most and feel easier once you had enough, compared to devour everything within 2 minutes. Try catching small bites with your fork and chewing longer than usual.

Swap dessert with fruit!!

Although several studies show that the fruit after meals can slow digestion, in this case when it comes between a sweet filled with saturated fat and calories and a fruit, the second is the wisest choice.

It has fewer calories, plus that antioxidants are necessary after a heavy meal with saturated fat will increase free radicals in the body. If despite all this you, do not eat anything from the two after eating the fruit and leave for later. Alternatively, try a health chocolate morsel from the Easter egg.

Do not fall into the trap of debris ...!!

The issue with the Easter meal every year that is not limited in this table, but extends in coming days, he always left over lamb and goat who keeps our "companion" for at least 1 week.

If you make the table, be sure to distribute the meat perissefoumeno your guests after lunch lunches if you are invited somewhere, politely refuse the offer of a similar "package".

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