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He died publisher and friend of Mykonos Dimitris Rizos

His last breath at the age 83 years left former journalist and publisher Dimitris Rizos.

The news of his death confirmed to SKY's brother, Nikos Rizos.

In recent years the journalist and publisher was experiencing serious health problems.

Dimitris Rizos hospitalized recently in hospital Salvation, where dawn Friday (13.09.2019) his last breath.

He was born 1936 in First Serres. He linked his name with the Free press but also with the unbound press, of which he was editor. founded, also, the radio station "Shine». He had three children, Christos, Apostle and Dimitra, three different marriages.

From very small Dimitris Rizos had shown a flair for journalism: At the age 14 years signed his first story in a morning newspaper Drama.

From Serres next Karamanlis

Dimitris Rizos started his course in journalism from breakfast Drama. For her, journalism, stopped arena. He was the track athlete Glory Drama with excellent performance in 5.000 meters. Why indeed had given and exams Gymnastics Academy. Only two years later and while he had spent at Panteion University and worked as a journalist, He dropped the Gymnastics Academy.

THE father of, although Left, it was narrow partner of Constantine Karamanlis, with whom was Classmates in the school and university. As revealed by Dimitris Rizos himself in an interview, because of this Karamanlis relationship with his father, found in particular office the "national leader". «I send a small"He had said his father Karamanlis when he had called. It was the 1953 when Dimitris Rizos left the Drama for Athens.

After initially did ... all jobs, before the Junta was getting promotion to the Premier press office. When Karamanlis returned from Paris, She took him again by the.

«I traveled with him all over the world, maybe I'm the only journalist I have come three times to the White House, Champs Elysees, Buckingham Palace. At that time he roam around the world-and especially the Europe-, he had a passion to accelerate our accession to the EEC«, said Dimitris Rizos said in an interview with the Free Press a few years ago.

The 1968, Dimitris Rizos makes and TV. In YENED made the humorous broadcast "Asides", every Sunday afternoon. He also did a show called "The Rizo ': that, his brother Joe and actor Nikos Rizos.

Later, eftiase a production company that made the news in ERT.
, He died publisher and friend of Mykonos Dimitris Rizos

Dimitris Rizos and the Free Press

While still was special Karamanlis' office, He gets a job in evening. There he wrote the column "Sting". But when Georgie Athanasiadis assassinated and took the newspaper daughters, Dimitris Rizos left. followed by Acropolis, where he wrote the "Alarm" column.

The largest chapter, Nevertheless, in journalistic course was Free Type. He went to newspaper publishers when Mars was Voudouris and his wife, Lilian. He has done version consultant and wrote the column "anadelfo". During his, the Free Press catapulted sales. When he died in Voudouri pair (Mars Voudouris was killed in a car eight months after the death of his wife), Dimitris Rizos entirely took over the newspaper as it was the desire of Voudouri something that was reflected in his will.

The battle with the board of the newspaper carried the "divorce" and the withdrawal of Dimitris Rizos from the Free Press after 15 years in. With the compensation then took, opened in unbound press and then created the "Shine FM«, in collaboration with John Alafouzos. but later sold the station (against 7 billion. drachma as revealed) and bought "Hang FM». , He died publisher and friend of Mykonos Dimitris Rizos

Both unfettered ...

The 1994 Unbound Type founded, where Dimitris Rizos cooperates with Kostas Mitsis. continue with, but without much success, until the 1998, when the counter brings something unprecedented in Greek publishing time: two newspapers, with the same name but different issuer. The "Adesmeftos Type" of Rizos and "Adesmeftos Type" of Mitsi. There followed years of judicial adventures ..., injunction and complaints from both sides.

«I am the most useless economist, not do business"He said in an interview Dimitris Rizos. It had, in any case, admit he found the money when he bought the channel Seven-X («for a plate of food, 160 million. we, half me and half the Copelouzos«), which is then sold against 1,5 billion. drachmas the entrepreneur (and former president of PAOK) George Batatoudi.

, He died publisher and friend of Mykonos Dimitris RizosWith his third wife Peggy. They met before 23 years and have gained a daughter, Demeter, She is studying music in London

, He died publisher and friend of Mykonos Dimitris Rizos

With the company of Mykonos in Liberi pair and Natasha Liakounakos

The drama with the Apostle

But fate reserves a very hard blow to the former mighty publisher in April 2014, when his son Apostolos seriously injured in a car, riding his motorcycle without wearing a helmet. The conflict was fierce, but the young man suffered serious head injuries after major surgery in the head remained in intensive care for about six weeks. Until now the Apostle still trying to come back completely after his adventure that psychologically crushed family, and especially his father, who never overcame that Friday April.

The last two years out of the house only to give the "present" in the Greek Precinct to restrictive measures have been imposed.

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