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Policy – Reshuffle: Who enters the government - The new faces

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis completes the government, which remains stable in its number and reform policy direction.

With his choices he underlines the strategic axes concerning the present and the future of our Homeland. And it brings operational improvements in the areas of Finance, development, working, Health and Environment……..

In this context, the Prime Minister decided:

  • The upgrade of the Deputy Minister of Finance Mr.. Theodorou Skylakaki, to Deputy Minister of Finance, responsible for Fiscal Policy.
  • The upgrade of the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Mr.. Nikos Papathanasis, to Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, responsible for Private Investments and Public-Private Partnerships.
  • The position of Mr.. Panagiotis Tsaklogou in the position of Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, responsible for Social Security issues.
  • The position of Mrs. Zoe Rapti, Member of Parliament B1 of the Northern Sector of Athens, in the position of Deputy Minister of Health, responsible for Mental Health issues.
  • The position of Mr.. Nikolaou Tagara, MP of Corinth, in the position of Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, responsible for Environmental Protection issues.

With these changes it is sought:
Effective management of increased Community resources.
Strengthening the world of work and the insurance system.
The organizational support of the Ministry of Health.
Protecting the environment and tackling the challenges of Climate Change.
Kyriakos Mitsotakis selects persons from the Parliament and the society.
Different ages and experiences.
Based on skills and willingness to bid, regardless of ideological origins.

Facing the challenges of the times, an already successful government, receives operational improvements from the Prime Minister to respond, even more effectively, to the expectations of citizens.

The swearing in of the new members of the Government, will take place tomorrow at one at noon, the Presidential Palace.

I close by noting that with my announcement you will also receive the full composition of the Government, including the General and Special Secretaries.

The new composition of the government after the reshuffle

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