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How to build abs without instruments

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When we say we mean basically trunk muscles of the abdominal and dorsal. The training program will not have classic abdominal exercises, but the plank bridge and balance exercises in which required.

To achieve a better balance must continually activate the muscles of the abdominal. This means you have to tighten the abdomen during the exercise, and dorsal. It is understood that along with abdominal exercise and other muscle groups.

Apart from the trunk, The specific training will enhance the whole body, but because there is some weight to raise the intensity of exercise, legs, hands, shoulders, back and chest as maintenance works. A key advantage of the routine that follows is that you can do anywhere. Need only two square meters of free space and a layer.

general instructions:

Do each exercise 40 seconds to one minute. Perform the exercises in circular form, without a break between. When the cycle is finished for some rest 3 minutes. If you do Fit 4 circles, otherwise tried to 3.

Excercise #1: Cheiroperpatima

Take the starting position for bends with straight body. Make 5 cheiroperpatimata to the right and after 5 to the left.

Excercise #2: Jacks

Since starting position for pushups Blink your outstretched legs for the time needed. Do not ruin the straight line of the back.

Excercise #3: Hand lifting alternately

Try to keep feet apart for best stand and chest as you parallel to the ground.

Excercise #4: From elbows to hands

Take place on board and went to bend initial position. Once again begins with the right and the other with left.

Excercise #5: Side plank with leg area

Take the plank position for sideways and lifted outstretched leg. When completions a year and do the other side.

Excercise #6: Rotation

From initial bend position make a rotation with stretched torso to get bridge gap.

Excercise #7: Diagonal touching leg

Take place bends the pelvis higher than usual. With a movement tried to touch his right hand left foot. Then do the same with the other arm and leg.

Excercise #8: Bending – foot area

Try to bring it close to the chest leg bent and stretched as high as you can.
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Photos:Frantzeska Giaitzoglou-Watkinson
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