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How to boil eggs without breaking;

Proper preparation and preservation of eggs is crucial, especially the period of Easter. Coloring eggs not want it, wants way!! Half eggs break during cooking while the color penetrates through the shell; What are we doing wrong; Key Secrets to paint properly and without losses……

* How to boil eggs without breaking;

There are two basic choices to dye eggs. The first is to boil your eggs first and then dips in the paint and the second to paint it with this. In any case there are tips that will help you save yourself time and effort and to minimize losses!

* The temperature is important!

Basic requirement to avoid crack eggs is to have approximately the same temperature as the water. So it is advisable to make ends a little earlier than the refrigerator and leave them at room temperature for several hours. If there is a sudden and large change in temperature, caused a sharp contraction or expansion in the shell egg, which will lead to breakage or cracking.

* Do not squeeze a - let them breathe

To avoid the bunching together into the pot put a small layer at a time and you can put on the bottom and a small cloth, which absorbs shock during boiling.

, How to boil eggs without breaking;

* Close the fire if you do not want to mourn ... broken eggs

Particular attention is needed at the boil. If you do not lower the fire will have several losses is why careful to at least reduce the temperature. But the best trick is just the water begins to boil, to completely extinguish the fire and n’ let the covered pot on the eye 15 with 20 minutes (working in kitchens and gas). so i’ acquisitions tight perfectly cooked eggs, but without the yolk to green your.

* Vinegar and salt and make them doulitsa!

If roll vinegar and salt water, even if a crack egg, the pores of the shell will expand by acting as a shield so albumen and yolk will not leak into the water.

* Follow the step-by-step instructions

If you use ready paint faithfully followed the instructions to calculate the time required to let immersed in this. Then carefully pull out the dyed eggs with a big spoon, leaving them to dry on a board or large platter.

* Decorate and good crack!

Once dyed eggs dry polish with olive oil and prepared your stamps, unless he had pre-selected the technique of stamping the sheets and stockings. If you have time and mood you can paint with a special brush.

End, Mounted in a basket which will decorate with red ribbons and other decorations to make it even more Easter!!

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