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How good will submit a statement of property in the Municipality of Mykonos

Please be advised that in accordance with Article 51 of Law. 4647/2019 (GG 204/16-12-2019 Issue A '), property owners, electrified or non-electrified, They have the opportunity to come to the municipality of Mykonos and……… deposit as the 31/3/2020 corrective or initial statement, with the correct data, for determining the surface or the use of property, for calculating taxes, charges and contributions.

The regulation applies to any building or land that is not registered, each property is declared with a smaller area than the actual, and any property where there is a change in the elements of the original declaration (difference in sq.m. the surface, additions, Settlements, power break from the PPC or other provider, owner changes, etc.).

It is noted that the submission of a corrective or initial (in the case of unregistered property) statement, will not be fined for previous non-submission or submission of a false statement in an earlier time.

After that, we invite you to make a statement of your good square meters of real estate until March 31 2020 , free of charge from the municipality.

The difference will be calculated from 1/1/2020 rather than previous years.

Incorrect appearance of the buildings surface will create problem in the future to any transfer of the property and after 31/3/2020 the Municipality of Mykonos will proceed to checks at crossings between the E9 property statement and surface elements in power supplies.

Until operational electronic platform that will give owners the opportunity to declare the actual electronic square meters of their property, We invite residents-homeowners who do not declare their properties in the municipality or declared with a smaller area than the actual arrive at the offices of the Municipality (building Black) to submit a statement with complete and accurate data of all surfaces of the electrified property without the imposition of fines for the past and without retroactive charges for many years, as the relevant legislation provided.

For the submission of the declaration made in person in our municipality, property owners must submit the following documents:

1. Corrective Declaration Form.
2. Corrected Certificate declared assets E9.
3. Recent electricity bill of electricity provider or a certificate from DEDDHE (if an interruption).
4. final notice to opt in provisions of N.3843 / 2010, 4178/2013, N.4495 / 2017.
5. In case of submission by a third party requires authorization certified by ADS or Police.

Authorized officials of the Municipality of Mykonos They are at your disposal for the proper and timely completion of Corrective Declaration and the backup process (photocopies or scannering).

Information by phone 2289360132, 2289360128 and 2289360115.
Obligation amending declaration, exists for cases already requested a certificate of non debt ARF.

The Mayor of Mykonos
Konstantinia Samsun

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