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How you lose energy from my body?

Come many times when we feel depleted in our body, we have available on the floors and generally without any particular reason feel one depression.

While doing the same old thing, that our program is identical coming days we feel completely empty.

All this is happening to all of us through forms of resistance or oppression consciously or subconsciously so our energy at that time to change.

Every form of resistance which we we in our switches our energy against us, so we turn our bodies, through this the pressure in pressure cookers.

Boiling caused in our bodies through such moments of violence- coercion will bring exhaustion, fatigue and eventually rupture- explosion.

The greater the resistance that we will bring to ourselves the greater will be the inflammation that will provoke in our body. This inflammation is blocked brain points and transfer all this information as SOS throughout the body. And then the body begins to function poorly. We will experience kommares, drowsiness, low pressure, headaches, dizziness etc.. All this shows us that the energy of chi is interrupted by the body and there is a regular flow.

The different effects experienced by the body primarily through the toxic form of resistance is such that poison our bodies and convert it into toxic. So our body, as our wise philosopher, through them our signs shows its objection.

All this resistance path is the main cause any pain. When we suffer from such symptoms is good to ask ourselves.

"What I am resisting"? "How to Block"? 

 The more resistance giving us so much more energy waste.

As we lose energy remove our mental harmony. Our soul to reside in our body it must be harmonized with the chi energy.

The bridge of the soul with the body then cut when we interrupt through the resistance qi = energy. Causing the body to lose more and more naturalness and elasticity.

And of course the ability to heal itself. Because our bodies are made so that it can heal itself and return to their natural state.

Those damages are experiencing just these paths do resistance.

This all results in the egoikos mind to battle with the spiritual Self and than we have seen until now usually wins egoikos mind.

The road to healing path is to begin to give back to us our lost energy. How to recover our lost energy?  

If we Reiki, daily sessions bring our body automatically in its natural state. We also start meditative program. While we begin to seek ways to resist and our body loses energy. This knowledge will bring us back our body to normal pace.

Of course depending on the "damage" that we have done in this body. Although for years the way we treat, not expect the changes from one day to another. It will take months to get the perfect balance, means a daily energy feedback. This means of course, we know what we did before, so as not to do it anymore.

Source:Dorothy bag

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