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When done remove the coercive measures to the debtors of the State

For those who join the settings 120 doses, in addition to reducing the interest rate and increasing the number of doses provided and lifting of coercive measures and seizures.

Specifically, apart from suspension of coercive measures for making claims, movable and immovable and continuation of the enforcement procedure (B.C. version auction program) down and reduce the impact of foreclosures requirements already imposed in the hands of third parties, by institutionalizing the release of future claims.

particularly, compliance with the provisions of regulation provides the following benefits:

1. Non-coercive measures

For debts that are subject to schedule and the debtor complies with the terms of this, if the subscription has checked their main qualification and preservation conditions, suspended the coercive measures and the continuation of the enforcement proceedings on mobile, real estate and claims.

2. Release future requirements for seizures imposed in the hands of third parties

Extremely during the duration of the arrangement, limit the effects of foreclosures imposed in the hands of any third party, in the sense of release and efficiency of future legal requirements, ie claims arising after the notification to the third Certificate of Release, as provided for in Article 8 of decision’ No.. A.1196 / 2019 Decision of the Deputy Minister of Finance and the Governor of A.A.D.E., as applicable, and if the following conditions are met:

    • at least it has paid the first dose setting or paid deposit,
    • The seizure concerns only debts that are set by Articles 98 until 109 of Law. 4611/2019, as applicable, and does not include other debts not covered by these provisions.

As the Principle of authorization notes:

  • Breakthrough time to initiate the implementation of that aid is time notification of Certificate Release the third from the debtor by any means, within one month of its adoption. Therefore the disclosure of that Certificate on the third released and assigned by law exclusively future requirements, ie claims arising after that notification. instead, Amounts claims arising until the notification to a third of that Certificate attributable to the State.
  • In each case amounts requirements are allocated or assigned to the State not returned and credited against the dose or dose setting, if they collected during this and not otherwise credited in the relevant provisions.
  • If loss of regulation, foreclosures imposed in third hands fully develop their legal consequences regarding future requirements, namely the requirements that may be born and not remitted by disclosing Release Certificate until the notification to third rollover setting and other future requirements, and any obtained between the rights or claims of third parties are not binding on the government confiscating.
  • For that reason, the body responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules, check whether the compliance with terms of setup and immediately notify by any means, in the event that loss, the competent bodies to pursue recovery of the debt and to overthrow the release, to continue the administrative enforcement proceedings.
  • Competent bodies, under Article 8 the above decision, disclose to third withdrawal of the Certificate of Release, inviting third immediate return on the committed amounts, by stating that any obtained between the rights or claims of third parties are not binding on the government confiscating.

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