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notice intake 10 people in the Municipality of Mykonos - Up 17/11 The deadline for applications [Document]

Application procedure ten people to deal with temporary needs……

Hiring, with limited private contract, in total ten (10) people to meet seasonal or temporary needs of the Municipality Mykonos.


prefix the other candidates belonging to the same qualifications panel, regardless of the number of points gathered, the permanent residents the Municipality of Mykonos.

Submission of applications

Those interested are invited to complete the application and submit, either in person, or other authorized person, if the authorization signed by their duly certified by a public authority, at the offices of our service at the following address:

Mykonos beach, by sending it to the Office of Personnel account Mr. E.. Kanteraki or M. Bougiouris (tel. contact: 22893-60124, 60118).

Each candidate is entitled to submit a single application and positions one only category staff (IP or TE or DE).

The overlapping positions different categories of staff in one or more applications automatically imply in any case cancellation all applications and exclusion the candidate from further process.

The application deadline is ten (10) days (calculated calendar), namely 08/11/2019 until 17/11/2019.

That period shall end with the expiry of the whole of the last day and if this is, legally, excludable (public holiday) or non-working, then the deadline is postponed to the next working day.

The Call for service, seat, specialty and contract duration, number of people, with corresponding qualifications:

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