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Greece tourism cooperation prospects - India

booth, the EOT Secretary General. Dimitris Trifonopoulos He met with Tourism Minister of Karnataka state of India Mr. Priyank Kharge.

The meeting discussed the prospects of bilateral tourism cooperation with the state of Karnataka (one of 28 Federated States of India with a population of over 60 million. resident) within the Indian market opening.

According to EOT Secretary General Dimitri Trifonopoulos:

"India is a big market and Indians love Greece. Honored cultural tradition of our country and consider it worthy of their own. consequently, It is strategically important for us to EOT proper placement of Greek tourism product in the Indian market , as this will bear fruit for the benefit of the Greek economy and tourism. Στην υλοποίηση του στόχου αυτού βεβαίως θα βοηθήσει η καλύτερη αεροπορική σύνδεση των δύο χωρών».

The opening of new and dynamic markets abroad, including India, a strategic choice of the Ministry and backbone of the national tourism policy.

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