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Property Auctions: Auctions!! Countdown to the end in protection mode [The whole schedule]

Auction protection regime, but also from the execution of compulsory measures remain, for two more months the victims. Then comes the definitive end to the idiosyncratic protection regime…..

The countdown to the end at protection status of the first residence, has already begun.

From 1or June and beyond, those who have red loan and have not proceeded to set it will be faced with compulsory measures.

Until then, however, that is, for the next 2 months, those affected by the coronavirus, will have relative immunity, in accordance with the provisions of the regulation submitted to Parliament yesterday.

In parallel with the reopening of courts, from 1or April, the execution of the enforcement measures begins with a single exception those who are affected from pandemic.

Αναγκαστικά μέτρα για μη πληττόμενους

At the same time, the auction process for properties not related to it begins 1or residence and affected workers or freelancers.

The new framework, as described in the draft law that is in Parliament, until 31 There will be protection in May, for affected citizens, so from auctions, as well as from enforcement of enforcement measures.

Then from 1or June, with the start of its implementation Bankruptcy Code for debt settlement and providing a second chance for individuals, enforcement measures will apply without further legislative exceptions.

What does this mean;

That from 1or June anyone who has a red loan, or he will have to proceed with the arrangement of the loan or make use of it second chance.

Protection for the victims

In the new draft law and specifically in article 79 explicitly states that seizures and auctions for the financially disadvantaged are suspended from the adverse effects of the COVID coronavirus pandemic- 19.

More specifically, provided that to natural persons who have right in rem, exclusive or ideally a share, full or partial ownership or usufruct on a property, which is their main residence and is located in Greece and are characterized as affected by Covid-19, suspended until 31st.5.2021, the execution: (a) seizure, (b) auction, and (c) enforcement for the delivery or return of real estate based on the summary of the tender report on the main residence of the above natural persons.

But let us see who are considered to be affected and excluded from the coercive measures:

  • private sector workers, to whom financial assistance was provided, in accordance with relevant regulations, or whose average gross monthly salary, deducting additional or other extraordinary remuneration for the months of March and April 2020, showed a decrease, compared to its January and February counterpart 2020, according to the following scale:
      1. for amounts up to a thousand (1.000) euro, reduction equal to or greater than ten percent (10%),
      2. for amounts of one thousand and one cents (1.000,01) of the euro and up to two thousand (2.000) euro, reduction equal to or greater than twenty percent (20%),
      3. for amounts greater than two thousand (2.000) euro, reduction equal to or greater than thirty percent (30%), such as the earnings of sub. aa 'as ag' are declared to the Social Security Institutions by the employer.
  • freelancerss or natural persons, conducting sole proprietorship, to whom financial assistance was provided, in accordance with relevant regulations, or whose income for the second quarter 2020 showed a decrease equal to or greater than twenty percent (20%), in relation to the corresponding quarter of the year 2019, as this results from the periodic VAT returns.
  • unemployed or long-term unemployed, to whom financial assistance was provided, in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • individuals, homeowners, who received a reduced rent, in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • partners of personal or capital companies, whose operation has been compulsorily suspended or has received aid, in accordance with relevant regulations, and according to the data kept by the Tax Administration.
  • individuals who received aid in the form of a repayable advance or the "Cooperation" Facility, in accordance with relevant regulations, and who have been shown to have a reduced income due to the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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