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Property Tax: The electronic platform for the submission of E9 Declarations has been opened [Instructions for proper submission]

The platform for E9 Statements - Instructions for 11 points that need attention, for their proper submission!!

Η ηλεκτρονική πλατφόρμα για την υποβολή E9 year declarations 2022 - ie for changes in assets that take place from 1 January 2020 and then - opened….

From today, Monday 25 January the platform accepts taxpayers' statements.

Taxpayers who will file a property tax return (E9) the following steps must be followed:

  1. Select the year you want to submit E9 and available actions on the homepage, select create E9 statement for you to make necessary modifications to your property status.
  2. You can insert / change / delete property of the tables 1 (buildings and plots) and 2 (pitches).
  3. If you enter property, Fill in all required fields on the descriptive elements of the property (square meters, type rem, ownership percentage etc.) and also make geographical location of the property or through the county selection, Districts and block roads or through the map selection aperture objective determination Property Value.
  4. If you modify property, modify only the descriptive elements for which the wording.
  5. In its final submission of declarations E9, necessarily sought an indication of the power supply number to the buildings in which you have full ownership or usufruct.
  6. Depending on the reason for admission / change / delete the property you choose, you must fill out the required fields requested information concerning contracts (number and date of contract, VAT NUMBER. notary), covenant items if available (number and publication date, date of death) Others.
  7. In the final declaration submission E9, You may be asked to change certain properties due to deficiencies in their data.
  8. Any action you, temporarily stored.
  9. When finished making changes to your property status, check that has been formed through the Preview property status.
  10. Choose final submission of the declaration E9 and if desired, transfer of the declaration to next year
  11. Please note that you can print the submitted E9 statements, your property situation and VAT clearance notes. / ENFIA administrative identification acts.

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