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For further amending the Highway Code (COKE) – Tightening of penalties for infringements

In a new amendment to the Highway Code (COKE) a tightening of penalty for dangerous offenses considered as a cause of many fatal traffic directed the Ministry of Transport….
In the upcoming changes that are expected to be discussed will be - according to reports - the withdrawal of the driving license for longer periods, while not ruled out joining and increased fines for dangerous offenses (red light violation, speeding, alcohol consumption, etc.)..

With certainty, It considered that the new traffic laws will have settings for traffic mikrokinitikotitas vehicles, as said electric scooters, while joining and provisions that promote soft mobility.

He recalled that the previous leadership Ministry had prepared a draft law on the movement of scooters, which provided age limits, specific signals, penalties and mandatory helmet use but did not proceed to legislate.

The ministry announced the inclusion in KDR provisions for mild forms of movement and the statement issued on the occasion of the European Mobility Week, which runs from 16 until 22 September when it will culminate in the "car-free day '. Slogan of the event this year is "Let's walk together!» (Walk with us!)». The afternoon of the following Sunday - car-free day - a journey with buses OASTH will be free in Thessaloniki, something which however will not apply to Athens.

In the Ministry of Transport actions include:
- The issuance of the Technical Instructions for traffic calming measures to avoid or reduce accidents and to upgrade the urban environment.

- The inclusion in the Highway Code (COKE.) provisions that promote soft mobility.

- The new framework for violations of traffic regulations. associated with antisocial and dangerous to challenge behaviors accidents.

- The configuration - in the near future - the regulatory framework for the safe movement of vehicles mikrokinitikotitas (electric scooters, aftoexissoropoumena etc.).

As part of this year's events, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport lays under the auspices of the action "Bike Diploma", organized by the Agency "Cities for Cycling" in cooperation with the Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNFCC). The aim of this action is to bring the children of 5th and 6th grade of the elementary school closest to the bicycle, presenting them simultaneously on traffic signals, and how to travel safely with this.

while Prof.’ Throughout the week scheduled:
– Projection screens, in the Metro stations, videos related topics edited attitude.

– post a message, in attitudes and OSCE monitors telematics, to prevent the use IX.

– Cycling in 21 September in cooperation with the cycling community (Cyclist North Division
Attica) with Title: "Cyclists united Climate". Will send the message of cooperation with the OSCE "bike together for Climate and Sustainable Mobility ... though tired ATHENA CARD» through the use of patches that will bring cyclists in sweatshirts

– Free movement of all passengers in all bus lines OASTH. on Sunday 22/9/2019 (Car Free Day), from the 16:00 until the end of the shift.

– Free tour with the line of interest, the “Πολιτιστική γραμμή” Νο 50, on Sunday 22/9/2019 (Car Free Day), from the 16:00 until the end of the shift for getting people acquainted with the history and monuments of Thessaloniki.

– Distribution throughout the week Box Offices OASTH. new renewed pocket map bus routes.

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