Invitation to the Christmas event 'New Year's Eve "for young and old

By 6 months ago

Χριστούγεννα πλησιάζουν…και οι άνθρωποι γιορτάζουν….
The Region of South Aegean and Apollonius Association invites you to an interactive Christmas Day we have prepared for children and adults,….. Sunday in 17.00, at the Cultural Center of upstream Brotherhood, Ano Mera.

Joyful welcome small and large a figure '' mascot 'Christmas and happy ''Elf'’ . Christmas music in space ... the celebration begins starting tale, "New Years Eve".

Everyone in the palace are upset, the 'princess' is sad, not wait with joy the holidays as before , does not rejoice this Christmas and do not know what gift to ask Santa Claus, have no desire, Nothing pleases!!

The king's father and the queen mother, They are trying to find a way to bring joy to her life and laughter on her face.

The '' clown '' the palace will seek the help of children .... They will make it?
What will move the 'princess'' New Year's Eve?

**The '' clown '' in an attempt to please the '' princess '' will make games with kids, conjuring tricks and dance will follow, Carols and songs by the end of the story for fun all!!!
Presence 4 artists, duration 1.30 about

We expect to have fun in the Christmas spirit with the cheerful company of "Pippi & Puff puff " and welcome the most festive month of the year with games for children and free entrance for everyone!!!

ONE TYCHEROS wins big gift!! (after lottery draw).


  • South Aegean region.
  • Apollonius Association
  • Mykonos Vegera.

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