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Invitation to the Annual Meeting of the Municipal Council of Mykonos

Meet at the invitation of the Chair, public regular meeting of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Mykonos . The meeting will take place in Mykonos Town and….. Municipal Office Mykonos - Hall City Council Meeting – on Thursday 18 of April 2019 and time 19:00p.m., according to the article 67 of Law. 3852/ 2010, to be discussed and adopted by the City Council decision on the below mentioned issues:

  1. About approval of the financial statements- Balance Sheets years 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016 the Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos following decisions of the Board. the NPDD.
  2. About approval of the Cash Year Report 2017 and 2018 the D.L.T.M. following decisions of the Board. the NPDD.
  3. About approval of 1 Budget and Reform O.P.D. the D.L.T.M. year 2019 after No.. 19/2019 The Board of Directors. the NPDD.
  4. Approving financial support financially weaker citizens.
  5. About grant sports clubs and associations for the year 2019.
  6. About Grant Cultural Associations and Clubs for the year 2019.
  7. About racing commission approval "mykonos run" with the collaboration of the Municipality of Mykonos.
  8. About cost coverage approval cycling race in Mykonos, after the 235/2018 The Board of Directors.
  9. Cooperation and assistance approval Municipality of Mykonos the archaeological version of Antiquities Cyclades in memory N. Zafiropoulos.
  10. About installation of new lighting fixtures on civil applications.
  11. On funeral coverage approval thanountos unidentified.
  12. For handling the request of the Association Owned Enterprises / rental motorbikes seon & Motorcycles following a decision of the Commission of the Municipality of Mykonos Quality of Life.
  13. Examine various applications, documents etc..

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