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Caution!! Recovered immediately by EFET Plastic ladle!! Contact with food is prohibited!!

The recall of a plastic ladle from the market was announced by the Unified Food Control Agency. Recovered immediately by EFET Plastic ladle, which is prohibited from coming into contact with food!!…..

Specifically, EFET and the Regional Directorate of Central Macedonia, in collaboration with the second chemical service of Athens, of the general chemistry of the state, the A.A.D.E., conducted sampling in the product «Nylon Espumadera perforated spoon 1 M1 Store (Ref. 09219) 36,3×12 cm».

The sample was abnormal because they found migration of primary aromatic amines in a concentration far exceeds the maximum legal limit permitted for use in food contact.

It is a black plastic spoon with white spots and a green handle, by brand name «Espumadera perforated spoon 1 M1 Store (Ref. 09219) 36,3×12 cm» of Chinese origin and with a barcode number 8434485092199.

This product was sold by the company ABC Mega Shopping IKE Agricultural School Avenue 120, Pylaia, Thessaloniki, where the sampling took place and was distributed by the M1 Store IKE, L.. Thebes and M.. Botsari, Saint I.. Rentis Attica.

The E.F.E.T. requested the immediate withdrawal from those undertakings / withdrawal of all of the consignment from the market and are already underway related checks.
Invited consumers, who have purchased the batch of said product (photos below), not to use it.

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