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Caution!! Doped Espresso Coffee revoked by EFET

The withdrawal from the market of adulterated coffee product progresses the Hellenic Food Authority, control involving combat fraudulent practices and adulteration in foods always driven consumer protection…..

Specifically, EFET and particularly the Regional Directorate of Attica, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Sustainable Development & Climate Change Attica Region, found, after sampling and laboratory analysis conducted in specialized testing laboratory in France, that the product «espresso coffee ground 100% Arabica Gold, packed, by brand name Danesi Caffe Espresso Italian Gold Quality, weight 250 g., batch number L12, expiry date 19/12/2020, origin Italy, production and packaging company DANESI CAFFE SPA - ROMA », It is doped at a high rate with the variety of coffee Robusta.

, Caution!! Doped Espresso Coffee revoked by EFETThe FSA demanded that involved in the handling of the product businesses the immediate withdrawal / withdrawing the batch above L12, expiry date 19/12/2020, and the relevant controls are in progress.

Note that this control relating to the authenticity - authenticity Arabica variety coffee part of the broader design of FSA inspections to combat fraudulent practices and adulteration in food always with the protection of consumers' interests.

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