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Caution!! EOF announces dietary supplements that are dangerous to health!!

EOF issued a statement today on nutritional supplements that are dangerous to human health……

As AEO reports, after being informed by EFET through the Administrative assistance and cooperation system (AAC) that according to the information of the competent authorities of Belgium, they are trafficked to member states of the European Union, including Greece, Vimax products (30 capsules) and VigRX (60 capsules) which were found after laboratory testing to contain the active drug SILDENAFIL, may be dangerous to the user's health. The above products are marketed as dietary supplements, are unapproved and their circulation in Greece can be done online.

EOF emphasizes that consumers are advised to be especially careful in the purchase of such products wherever they come from and mainly via the internet., not to use them and to inform the Agency immediately.

End, points out that the purchase of EOF products is from unreliable sources, such as the internet, may endanger the health of the consumer.

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