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caution sun: useful guide for safe sunbathing

to xeklepsoume little time from daily obligations for a swim and some sunbathing.

Although the sun is the source of life, exposure to this should be done in moderation and respecting certain rules, to avoid immediate and late adverse effects.

Most people see the sun and the effects of the warmth you feel during the exhibition as the redness or tan after some time sunbathing.


Despite the persistent efforts made in recent years doctors and especially most experts on the subject, dermatologists, many people ignore the potential dangers of uncontrolled exposure to the sun.

Statements such as aging or worse, skin cancer, especially melanoma seem to many very distant and rarely.


briefly, the negative effects of the sun on the skin can be divided into acute and chronic. The most common manifestation is instant sunburn, ranging from a slight rash to creating swelling and blistering. the burn, apart from the unpleasant feeling that creates the next few days, associated with an increased rate of melanoma.

The latter is more common in people who have a history of repeated burns with bubbles (eg every summer) at a young age. Many wonder how something as transient burn causes skin cancer decades after, but the explanation is that the skin gradually loses its ability to self-repair the minor damage caused in the DNA of cells from the sun and eventually the cancer occurs.


In the long run excessive sun exposure causes changes that together characterize as photoaging. Simple examples that clearly show these changes and that is independent of the effect of age, comparisons are identical twins, where his / her employee outdoors shows much larger than his brother who is a worker in the office or at home.

But any person can evaluate the aging to himself or to any relative of his, Comparing the mirror skin in the neck V-neckline, with the adjacent skin covered by clothing: the spots, increased wrinkling, atrophy-thinning skin and spider veins seen in fotoektetheimeno skin is just the signs of photoaging.


Of course all this have to do with an aesthetic problem and a concern we have no serious impact on our health and also partially corrected and reversed with the latest techniques of aesthetic-cosmetic dermatology. The serious problem starts when chronic exposure to the sun without protection overcomes the body's redress mechanisms and skin cancer occurs.

All forms of skin cancer, from the relatively innocent basal epithelioma, by potentially deadly melanoma have a positive and a negative characteristic.


A positive feature is that appear on the skin surface, so they may engage our interest by their presence or the changes occur gradually and to address to the dermatologist for evaluation and removal.


The negative feature is that because they do not usually have symptoms-at least from the beginning- such as pain or bleeding, most sufferers neglect to visit the doctor, so sometimes the situation has now advanced when the diagnosis of the disease.

From this we understand that prevention of an unpleasant situation in relation to our skin can be done on two levels: long with a constant and careful relationship with the sun, regarding the time and duration of exposure and sunscreen formulations using more direct and targeted with a visit to the dermatologist when we realize a new lesion in the skin or a change in pre-existing structure.


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