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April Fool's Day!! Good month!! The roots of the custom – successful Pranks!!

The Fool has established rituals in many countries as the day indulging in pranks to our family, our friends …our enemies. Target, to laugh, and to shame the person against whom the "innocent" prank…….

From but it has been the custom of April Fools with lies;

and yet, the custom of April Fools NOT started in Greece!! The lies of April 1, we have come from Europe, but there are several versions about the time and place they were born.

The origin of the custom of April Fools is uncertain, as many consider to be associated with the change of seasons, while others argue that it comes from the adoption of the new calendar.

April the Kerasaris

The April is the fourth month of the year. The Latins called it Aprilis than the APERIO = open (apertus = open and Apertio = Spring), one that all nature is reborn from the deep winter snow sleep and dedicated to the goddess Venus.
April and spring, April and Easter is for the Greek people almost inseparable.
For this and said spring and Aigiorgiti, from the great celebration that includes, and Kerasari, where they have been launched cherries.
The Greek tradition calls in April and "Lampriati", because usually the month that we celebrate Easter, the greatest Christian feast of Orthodoxy.

April Fool's Day

On the 1st day of April, the first custom: the April Fool Lie. Anyone that day trying to outwit each other with a white lie. Everybody 'have been for luck to fool someone.

Komotini were saying that on the April Fools' han a good laugh "to make their cocoons", weather fed silkworms for silk.

With April Fool lies sometimes mislead the hordes of terrible demons.
They xegelagane to Beating elsewhere, far from their trees, as to melt the demons and lost with the last snow.

Weather April

As March, so the month of April is double minded: on the one hand the weather improves steadily, the other does not forget to show the teeth with winter rains and hail…. Farmers sow corn, cotton, watermelons, melons.

The slow rain in the month of April

If the weather is bad the crops, normal rain is beneficial, because now the farmer will sow corn , chickpeas, trefoil, rice, bampakaki. Will plant eggplants, spinach, watermelons, melons etc.. So eagerly awaits the rain, and that the crops will grow and Newly planted will help pop.

Xorkismeno hail in April

But hail the farmer is a disaster. So it makes every effort to prevent the coming of or Damage, exorkizontas in the light of the Resurrection.

The night was a commissioner of the Church climbs the bell tower with a lighted torch. 'As much place around illuminated by the Holy Light, no need of hail.

Elsewhere again hail exorcises with large bonfires on the night of the Resurrection.

The feast of St. George in April

The St. George is dragonslayer. With the handle of slaying the beast. Feast of pastors who leave the winter pastures and climb mountains. "Mice are very tsopanaraioi TONE thanksgiving in St. George '. They offer the church the "Aigiorgiti" a lamb.

The priest blesses the commissioners and the parade around the temple three times.

"Ematoneto his ear and blood ileifonto century four corners of the church" (Sea).

The April and Holy Easter

The April is eminently month in which Easter is celebrated, although some times the Orthodox Easter can be celebrated until the 8 May (as was the 1983). Easter has its roots in ancient Egypt, wherein celebrated vernal equinox, and from there he went to the Jews as "Pesach", in commemoration of the Exodus from captivity, and finally arrived and Christians once identified with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ's death the period of the Jewish Passover, which is celebrated on the day of the first spring full moon.

In the first three centuries of Christianity, Nevertheless, various churches celebrated this great fengarogiorti on different dates. Other Although the example of the apostles John and Paul, during the day of death of Christ 14 Jewish month Nis, ie one day before the celebration of the Jewish Passover and on any day of the week and if coincided, other not always on Sunday epontan first spring full moon.

Many, Nevertheless, the current customs of this feast from ancient times and the ancient celebrations in honor of Attis, Dionysus and Adonis, which they were held and these spring.

These traditions include Easter red eggs, symbol of fertility and regeneration, and swings, custom health and wellness. Combined with Easter we also have holidays of Palm Sunday, the day before, Saturday of St. Lazarus, considered celebration "nekranastasimi" which is "pre-printed on the Resurrection of Christ and brings the certainty of the resurrection of all the dead". The week, end, Easter, following Easter is called "Asprovdomado", The Easter celebrations continued with dances and songs in churches and squares.

April Fool's Day!! Since beginning its roots custom – successful Pranks!!

The April 1, It is an unofficial celebration, celebrated in many countries around the world. On this day we, because custom, say innocent fib or make harmless pranks. Some "spiteful" are used to identify this day, with politicians (for obvious reasons). The lies of April Fools is a custom… we have come from Europe. There are several versions about where and when born this custom. Three of these, Nevertheless, They are prevalent.

According to the first version, the custom of April Fools originated in France 1564, when King Charles the 9th ordered to transfer the New Year's day from April 1 to January 1. Until then, the time change began on March 25, shortly after the vernal equinox, and peaked when the eight days of festivities, ie 1 April, was the transition to the new year. By thus adopting the Gregorian calendar-which Pope Gregory the 13th shortly afterwards, the 1582, ordered by papal bull to replace the Julian, following the instructions of the Synod of Trento (1545-1563)- the beginning of the year was moved to January 1.

However, either because the new slow to reach all parts of France, either because some wayward refused to comply with the dictates of the King, 1 April continued to be for them a day to change the year. The result was that others laugh at them, calling them "April fish", because this time of year is the transition from the zodiac of Pisces. They then send false gifts, invitations to nonexistent celebrations, etc.. The quip was converted over time into custom. From France the custom traveled to England in the 18th century and from there to America and the world.

According to the second version, custom started by the Celts. People of northwestern Europe, Celts, They were keen anglers. The fishing season began on April 1. But as good fishermen and they were, this time of year the fish caught is difficult. So they, such commands the code of conduct for all time fishermen, They lied about how many fish were caught. This habit, It became with the passage of time custom. That explains it, according to some, the fact that the French call the Fool "apriliatika fish".

For April Fools' Day pranks others owe their existence to the celebration of "suckers and tricked" the Roman goddess Venus Aprilis, ie April Venus, that gave rise to liberation of the spirit at the same time release the ravishing nature.

This custom, It appears to be imported into Greece via seafarers anchored in foreign ports, and it became more known 1880, through the "Journal" of Koromila and eventually prevailed and reached our days…..

successful Pranks!! See the most successful ... ... pranks of all time!!

BBC in 1957

Hundreds of listeners phoned the BBC in 1957 They are asking how they can plant a ... makaronodentro in their garden. The prank is considered one of the most successful in the history of the custom. Then the famous Panorama show had reports which stated that due to the conditions that prevailed last winter and tackling pests residents of northern Italy and southern Switzerland were very good harvest of spaghetti ...! The story of course was accompanied by audiovisual material that seems to collect spaghetti from trees!

BBC in 2008

Fool's 2008 again the BBC did a terrific farce. In another similar story, some television crews who were in Antarctica for the documentary «Miracles of Evolution» managed to immortalize the Adelie penguins can fly! Of course again reports regularly aired the video accompaniment (because they made the right jokes).

New Zealand 2008

The 2008 again, two news agencies in New Zealand apparently did not notice the date of the news ... and used a press release came from the office of the Minister of Environment of the country, Stevie Chadwick, which announced that the ministry ... trained rats to detect rare frogs.

The 79chronos Richard Nixon, American presidential candidate in the year 1992!!

With this prank on April Fools Day honored that year the American radio program. The switchboard station overrun by angry listeners, who had listened to Nixon launches his campaign with the slogan: "I did no wrong and will not redo". It took forty-five minutes to learn that it was merely a joke and that the voice belonged to mime Rich Little.

The 1878, American newspaper published the latest discovery of Thomas Edison

A device that converts water into wine. The news made the round of the whole of America and the shares of construction companies and wine trafficking fall on major stock exchanges.

The New York Times 1932

The 1932 many were those who believed that man can fly with a pair of skis, since the "New York Times" published and related photographs.

The 1994 Several rushed to comply with alleged directive provided that we arrested anyone surf the Internet ... drunk.

The 1979 some felt true that the British government decided to eliminate the 5th and April 12 of the calendar, to synchronize time with the rest of world.

Serious protests caused the April Fools' Day prank natural Marc Boslough, who the 1998 published in the journal intends Alabama change in legislation the value of the mathematical constant "n" from 3.14159 in 3.0, ... following the symbolism of the Bible.

The 1962 The color TV was a "pipe dream" for Sweden

At noon on April 1 news bulletin starts and the display shows the technician channel, Kjell Stensson. Inform the public, attending anchored in the receivers, that thanks to the development of technology can now enjoy their favorite programs bathed with more vivid colors. "All you need to do is place a nylon stocking on your TV screen", says Stensson, hastening, indeed, to represent the project live broadcast. Hundreds of thousands of people who tried it was probably quite skeptical, when ... April 1, 1970 first sold in Sweden color TV.

The British network BBC He announced that the historic clock Big Ben will now operate with a digital device, to indicate accurately the time. When it was reported that the clock would be sold in the first four listeners who will communicate with the station, Offers 'broke the Funds'.

One of the most famous April Fools' Day pranks was that of Franklin Institute, which in the year 1940 announced that the end of the world would come the next day. Terrible panic and disruption caused to citizens and public services, while an official of the Institute who had the bright idea of ​​the joke was fired ....

The 1995 the Greek Ministry of Culture He announced that Socrates' tomb was found inside this jar with traces koneiou. The news made the round the world, while the truth was restored a few hours later.

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