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First place in the nationwide Hardtail championship for AO. Mykonos

They did their duty and took the gold medal in the team in a match with great difficulty because they had to cope with difficult weather conditions and a heavy rain the track on the track of Pigi Trikalon.

The Municipality Manginas (4with th 31.22), Giorgos Minos (10with th 32.22), Matthew Matziar (21with th 33.43) and Thanasis Pagounadis (32th 34.13) συνέβαλαν ο καθένας στο βαθμό που του αντιστοιχεί στην κατάκτηση της πρώτης θέσης. In the struggle took place and one more representative of AOMykonou Elijah STROFILI (39.26), while not our young racer fought Kurti Blendi as it was not issued by the Athletics Federation bulletin.

Runners of AOMykonou entitled after their victory to compete in the Pan-European club championship The following year, just as they had done before about 20 days when it competed in Portugal.

Women took part Freedom Petroulaki which although in excellent condition failed to win and was limited in 6th place with 29.21. In the same match Chrysanthi Dagre τερμάτισε 40η με τον ικανοποιητικό χρόνο 36.51

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