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New Year greetings and message of MP SYRIZA Dodecanese Nektarios Santorini

“Happy New Year and Happy New Year”
Farewell a year of upheavals and changes,but we proved that our country has all the possibilities and safeguards to march possible in future. The 2019 leaves behind kaidyskolies emotions, joys and smiles, but also…….. many moments full offer, love, hard work and strength our people demonstrated, confirming once again the greatness of soul.

The 2020, portent of the new decade ahead of us, I wish to be a milestone in the realization of our dreams and wishes. More than ever, the New Year I hope to bring the baggage of the Peace gifts, Justice and Solidarity, that both staff, and collectively, we need.

This year,let these events and wishes everyone, dedicated to children,that came from the ashes of war and inequality, vibrant and full of zest for life. These kids today will change time at home, are children of us all and the manger of Greece, more promising than ever, let it be a warm hug.

With my thoughts to those who will spend this holiday away from family warmth, our seafarers the new year will find them in the sea, women and men of the Security Forces, who are loyal to duty, tonight will change year to shift, and our islanders as lofty lighthouse keepers honoring the borders of Europe, I wish you all Happy New Year and Happy New Year!

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