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First became national with a new personal best in 10.000 measures Christos Kallias

with a new personal best 30.39.65.

The game performed in bad weather, that plagued all athletes.

Respiratory problems which had in previous years have now stayed in the past and Chris with the help of his coach Takis Falcons arrived we all knew they could.

Next goal of a new personal record in 5.000 measures and participation in national team.

In the same race 7th George finished with Minos 31.41.10, quite happy with the appearance of as the target of a great performance in the main event of, the 3.000 stipl measures Panhellenic Championship Men.

in 8or position in the respective sport Youth found Matthew Matziar with 34.50.27.

Matthew ran in the front row during the race except the wind and the dust had to face up to hail.

Matthew came back strong and stronger after his injury and continue his preparation for the nationwide Youth Championship.

The Nontas goat for the first time participated in the national championship 10.000 meters and finished in 38.16.29 performance is new personal best.

The Nontas played with Matthew in the first row and are sure to be found comfortably below 38 minutes.

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