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Public open-air gatherings: Meetings are allowed from today until February 1 100 people

"It has nothing to do with any planned gathering, while it also does not concern the presence of citizens in commercial places, shops, etc. ", the decision of the Chief of Police to ban all rallies from today on 6 in the morning, until the same time on 1 February, issued today at dawn, clarified by the headquarters of EL.AS.……….

particularly, as emphasized by the Headquarters, "This is a suggestion of the competent National Committee for the Protection of Public Health, which to acquire formal effect, as provided by applicable law, the issuance of a Decision by the Chief of the Hellenic Police is required, as was the case here ".

And to make it more understandable, to remove impressions from the word "prohibited", the Headquarters states that “essentially with the specific Decision, as recommended by the Commission, public outdoor gatherings are allowed up to 100 people, with the necessary observance of all the prescribed measures ".

The decision of the Chief of the Hellenic Police

By decision of the Chief of the Hellenic Police, prohibited, From today (26 January 2021) at 06:00 up the 06:00 of 1 February 2021, nationwide, all public outdoor gatherings, in which more than (100) people, as mentioned in a relevant announcement.

As emphasized in the announcement of the Headquarters of EL.AS., for the issuance of the Decision were taken, including, into account:

*the assistance of extremely compelling reasons of public interest, concerning the protection of public health and consist of the adoption of emergency measures to address the serious risk of spreading COVID-19 coronavirus,

*the risk of further increase in the rate of spread of the coronavirus by holding public outdoor gatherings with the participation of individuals,

*the from 22-01-2021 Recommendation of the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health, where, including, is proposed as the maximum number of participants in public outdoor gatherings (100) people.

For offenders, subject to the application of other sanctions arising from the existing legislation, the following sanctions are provided:

*administrative fine (5.000) euros to legal entities and (3.000) euros to individuals, organizing public outdoor gatherings and

*administrative fine (300) to persons violating the ban by participating in public outdoor rallies.

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