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Public Sector Recruitment: New recruitment system in the State and in the Local Authorities. [GG]

New recruitment system at Public and the O.T.A., in accordance with the passed bill ASEP as well as other staff selection procedures in the State……

The passed bill "Modernization of the recruitment system in the public sector and strengthening of the Supreme ASEP Personnel Selection Council" published by Parliament. This is law 4765/2021, published in the Official Gazette. A' 6/15.1.2021.
The purpose of the Bill is to reform the system recruitment to the State and the Local Authorities., in the direction of improving the quality and efficiency of the human resources that staff the public sector, Emphasis on maintaining and further consolidating the acquis of the principles of transparency, of objectivity and meritocracy, as well as the reinforcement of the Supreme Personnel Selection Council (ASEP), as the Authority responsible for recruitment in the public sector.
The Law includes in total 63 articles, which it does not all start to apply immediately.

In accordance with article 63, the articles 8 until 43 enter into force post over time 4 months from the publication of the Law. The other provisions have begun already apply.

Arrangements concerning the recruitment of CONTRACTORS are included in Chapter C:

– Subchapter C1:

Staff with a fixed-term Private Law employment relationship (IDOCH) to meet unforeseen and urgent needs:

  • no.36: Staff for unforeseen and urgent needs

– Subchapter C2: Staff with IDOX employment relationship to meet temporary needs:

  • no.37: Scope
  • no.38: Duration απασχόλησης προσωπικού με σχέση εργασίας ΙΔΟΧ για κάλυψη παροδικών αναγκών – exceptions
  • no.39: conditions πρόσληψης προσωπικού με σχέση εργασίας ΙΔΟΧ
  • no.40: Scoring criteria candidates – Ισοβαθμία υποψηφίων
  • no.41: Procedure πρόσληψης προσωπικού με σχέση εργασίας ΙΔΟΧ
  • no.42: Έλεγχος από το ΑΣΕΠ – Liabilities – Criminal liability of competent bodies.

Its purpose is to establish a procedure for filling positions with Panhellenic written competition and other procedures for the selection of Public Sector personnel and the Local Authorities., to ensure the selection of the most suitable candidates for the announced positions, as well as the strengthening of its role and function ASEP to ensure the faster and more effective exercise of its responsibilities.

GG – ASEP bill

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