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How to achieve soft octopus!!

The octopus is one of the most difficult fish, the topic Baking. Should the roasting, take it out of the fire cooked properly and soft. There are two ways to get our soft octopus after firing…..


One way

Although I do not recommend the, is to first boil the octopus in a pot and when it is almost tender, remove, the cooled and the wrap film up until the bake grilled.

The reason I do not recommend it as a solution, because in this way the octopus will miss all the flavor and piquancy of. So after firing will eat a tasteless octopus.


So go for the materials you need:

      • 1½ to 2 kg Octopus preferably, tentacles
      • ½ cup olive oil
      • little vinegar
      • fresh Oregano
      • Salt

In a bowl, pour the oil, vinegar, oregano and salt.

Mix and try if we want to add something extra from our materials. The aside for later.

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The other way, I recommend I is:

We get fresh octopus, remove the giblets from the bag and then beat on a stone, well until smooth. Once you softened well cut the tentacles, to the bake themselves (best cooked so).

We light the charcoal in our grill. When we have a good cinder, Spread the coals and ash pour a little to lessen the heat of fire.

To leave our octopus soft baking, should our fire to be low to moderate, to cook well without us dry and remain juicy.

baking the, from both sides, and turning the often, achieve perfect baking. when they get a nice dark blond color, take them out of the fire.

Cut them with a knife or scissors special, the size you want.

We put our octopus on a platter and pour, the sauce we have prepared, beforehand.

Enjoy it with cold wine or ouzo!!

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