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Reopen retail stores: Infectious disease specialists are negative in the re-opening of click away – Do not open on Monday

The crucial meeting of the committee of infectious diseases is in progress on whether the lockdown will be extended and what will happen with retail and click away. According to information so far,……. experts are negative in the re-opening of click away from Monday, something that is expected to be recorded in their presentation. They are just as negative when it comes to opening hair salons, but also the rest of the activities that had started for some time.

So, it is taken for granted that click away, salons, the manicure shops – pedicures will remain closed at least until 18 January, as the government has decided to accept any suggestion from the committee on the matter. After all, the opening of schools was a priority for the government and in this sense all other activities will go back in time., depending of course on the epidemiological situation of the coming days.

in any case, on Monday 11/1 Kindergartens and primary schools will be opened and perhaps what experts fear is that a parallel opening of retail with existing epidemiological data will increase the mobility of the world and therefore the cases of coronavirus.

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