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Reopen Retail Stores – Georgiadis: To open stores from Monday with 13032 and two hours of shopping, maybe three

The proposal of the Ministry of Development is for retail to open from Monday, with the system designed by sending an SMS to 13032 and time limit on citizens' shopping, something that will be examined today by infectious disease specialists, Adonis Georgiadis stressed today………..

The Minister of Development and Investment reported to SKAI 100,3 that the method of delivery is not selected except, "Because some stores can not work this way and therefore we do not want to create conditions of unfair competition".

Mr.. Georgiadis stated that YPANE has suggested together with the hairdressers that the aesthetic institutes be opened so that the clientele is not transferred to the doctors but there are reservations in the committee..

Georgiadis: Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the announcements for the support measures in the restaurant

With,as far as focusing is concerned, The Minister clarified that the issue will be discussed in the committee to consider all relaxation scenarios.. Anyway, he said, quarantine does not exist in practice, since last weekend in the squares you could not see the lawn. However, he clarified that closed dining areas are difficult to open.

Mr.. Georgiadis stated that there will be generous support to restaurants for the installation of air purifiers, while all support measures for the restaurant will be announced tomorrow or the day after Friday.

He also said it was a difficult decision to allow those who have been vaccinated to move to their villages., at a time when the rest of the world can not.

The proposal of the Ministry of Development is on the table of the committee which will be called to approve it. In case the infectious disease specialists consider that the 3-hour stay in the shops is dangerous, two-hour shopping may be preferred.

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