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Reopening of high schools: The Lyceums open on Monday with a self test every Monday and Thursday for students – educators, all measures

Niki Kerameos made announcements for the opening of the schools and noted that the return of the students will be done with increased measures and use of self test.

The Minister of Education made announcements for the opening of schools and stressed that there will be increased protection measures, which should be observed by students and teachers………….

More detail, Niki Kerameos announced the following:

We are announcing today the live reopening of the Lyceums from Monday 12 April.

The General and Vocational High Schools of the whole country start the classes in the classroom again, in compliance with all the measures we have already taken, such as:

– the obligatory use of a mask indoors and outdoors,
– the different breaks for groups of students,
– fixed groups of students in sports and other activities,
– the use of antiseptics,
– meticulous cleaning,
– the regular ventilation of the premises, especially now that the good weather helps,
– the specific measures for custom operation of canteens, computer labs, use of musical instruments etc..

ADDITIONALLY added, to existing ones, another important, precautionary measure: conducting a self-competitive coronavirus test twice a week for each high school student and teacher, in order to ensure the maximum possible protection of the educational community. The tests will be necessary for school attendance on Monday and Thursday. Based on their AMKA, High school students and teachers will receive two free tests each week from the pharmacy.

The self-competitive coronavirus test is intended for both students and teachers. Regarding the Schools of Special Education and Training, self-test is mandatory for teachers and there is a strong recommendation for students to take the test.

Self-testing is an easy and simple process, a process used in other countries to run schools. The steps are as follows:

1.Parents, guardians, students and teachers will receive the self-test free of charge, along with information material from the pharmacy, using their AMKA. The first test can be taken by high school students and teachers from tomorrow in Athens-Thessaloniki and from Friday in the rest of the country. From next Monday they will be able to take the 2nd test.

2.Students / teachers will do self-tests at home. It is recommended that the test be done the same morning or the night before. So the first test can be done on Sunday night or Monday morning.

3.Parents, students and teachers will declare the result of the self-test through the platform self-testing.gov.gr, which they will enter with the taxisnet codes, by entering specific information, as a patronymic, Mother, AMKA and the result of the self-test.

4.If the self-test is negative:

1.For the students, a school card will be issued through the self-testing.gov.gr platform. Students will bring the school card with them throughout the week and show it to teachers in the first hour of Monday and Thursday.

2.For teachers, the negative result statement will be issued through the self-testing.gov.gr platform.

3.In case there is no access to a printer, Parents and teachers will be able to write a handwritten statement containing the same information as the school card / negative result statement.

5.If the self-test is positive:

1.A statement of a positive result will be issued through the self-testing.gov.gr platform for conducting a free repeated rapid test in a public structure.

The list of public structures is included in the self-testing.gov.gr platform

2.If the repeat test is positive, the EODY protocol will be followed. If the repeat test is negative, students / teachers will receive a certificate from the test site and return to school.

Explanatory material as well as relevant videos have already been sent to pharmacies and given to the public for informative information of all.

We prioritized the opening of Lyceums for two main reasons:

-because they remain closed for a longer period of time

-because as you know, the Panhellenic exams are approaching.

Throughout the pandemic, The Institute of Educational Policy issues guidelines and instructions to our teachers regarding the coverage of the material given the suspension of the living operation of our schools. Instructions for Primary Education were issued last month and new instructions for Secondary Education are issued within the week.
Alongside, IEP also monitors issues of a psycho-emotional nature related to the pandemic and the suspension of the living operation of our schools.

We also discuss systematically with the Committee of Experts on other training structures, and we hope to be able to re-launch the lifelong learning process for them soon.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear students, teachers, parents,

We fully share with you the need to find our children back in the classroom, we understand fatigue from the pandemic, and the limits of distance learning, which - as useful as it is - can only be a solution of necessity.

We are opening schools gradually and safely. We warmly thank our experts for their tireless efforts, scientific advice, their continued support. We warmly thank all our health workers who give day and night a fight for all of us. But we also thank the students very much, students, students, their parents and of course our teachers, for the tremendous effort they have put in all this time, who overcame difficulties and made a decisive contribution in order to continue the educational process as smoothly as possible.

This time, thanks to the catalytic efforts of the entire educational community, made a leap into the digital world of education. We come to build on this leap of digitization, with 112 from. euro, from the first of the Recovery Fund, which will be utilized to be able to 560.000 young people to strengthen their technological equipment, to build together on the digital skills acquired during this time and to enable everyone to participate in the enrichment of lifelong learning with digital tools taking place now. On the digital-access.gov.gr platform you will find all the relevant information about the grant 200 given to our young people to strengthen their participation in the digital transformation of education. In just 2 platform operating days have been approved over 85.000 applications.

I close with the following thought: despite fatigue, despite the fatigue that is completely understandable and we all experience it, the more faithfully we follow the measures for a while longer, the closer we get to normalcy, in overcoming the pandemic faster. Thank you.

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