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Reopening of Highschools: Gymnasiums and Lyceums open permanently on February 1 - What applies to the "red" areas

Reopening schools for life is a priority
Following the unanimous decision of the Committee of Infectious Diseases, Gymnasiums and Lyceums will open on February 1 throughout the country, although there is one exception for high schools in the "red" areas……..

We have been witnessing a stabilization in recent weeks, said Ms. Vana Papaevangelou, starting the briefing.. He said the active cases are 6.000 with half being in Attica. Unfortunately we do not see a decrease in Attica, he still said.

The positivity index said still remained below 2%. There are more active actors, also stressed as there are many asymptomatic. In Attica the fullness of ICUs is increased and reaches 58%.

Regarding the opening of Gymnasiums and Lyceums, Ms. Papaevangelou said that the opening of schools is a priority. And he announced that from February 1, Gymnasiums and Lyceums will open with a unanimous decision of the committee.
"For the red areas, we suggested that only the Gymnasiums and Lyceums will be closed", he said.

This is how schools will work

So then, from our kindergartens and elementary schools that operate from 11 January and the special schools of all levels that operate continuously throughout this period, High school students and all types of Lyceums return to the classes, by implementing all the preventive measures included in the relevant instructions of EODY and the Ministry.

The measures are:

- the obligatory use of a mask indoors and outdoors,

- the different breaks for groups of students,

- fixed groups of students in sports and other activities,

The use of antiseptics,

- meticulous cleaning,

- the regular ventilation of the premises,

- the specific measures for the adapted operation of canteens, computer labs, use of musical instruments etc..

- school celebrations with measures,

- the visits / walks per section, etc..

"Furthermore, Sampling checks will be carried out by EODY, as in primary education. For example, only this week samples were taken in Aspropyrgos, area with burdened epidemiological burden, and we did not have a single positive result. The special platform edu.testing.gov.gr has also been created and operates, through which teachers and students over 16 years can request a free coronavirus test. They are informed about their appointment via SMS for the nearest of them 386 checkpoints throughout Greece. It is a purely precautionary measure regarding the epidemiological picture in schools.

"I would like to warmly thank the primary school teachers who have responded to this opportunity., and we also call secondary school teachers, as well as students over 16 years, to use it for free examination.


- In areas with increased epidemiological burden, in the so-called "red" areas, the Lyceums will operate for the time being remotely, with distance learning, and not by living. The Lyceums of Special Education and Training will continue to operate normally in these areas as well.

- All other educational structures (as Universities, Second Chance Schools, Vocational Training Institutes, schools, Foreign Language Center, Lifelong Learning Centers) remain in remote operation for the time being.

As we have mentioned in the past, the process is dynamic, the pandemic data is constantly being reviewed and our decisions on the next steps are being adjusted accordingly.. An additional highlight: responding to the needs that have arisen in the student community, students wishing to move to release a leased property, they will be able to do so in the context of moving a total of up to 3 days with the necessary supporting document the expiration of the relevant lease ".

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