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Reopening of Restaurants: The Catering "freezes" until the beginning of February, on the table plan for restart!!

The opening of the restaurant until the beginning of February enters the "ice", after the meeting of the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis, with the members of the administration of the Panhellenic Federation of Restatory and Related Professions…..

"When health conditions allow" will restart the catering industry sustainably and safely, as the Minister of Development and Investment said, Adonis Georgiadis in a teleconference he had with the president, George Kavvatha and the members of the administration of the Panhellenic Federation of Restatory and Related Professions.

In today's announcement of the Federation it is mentioned that on the Minister were taken into account af’ one the situation that has developed in the industry after 145 general lockdown days – and in addition many local lockdowns – the risks for thousands of padlocks and job losses and on the other hand further substantial support of the industry was requested with funding through a special program for.

The problems that have arisen with the banking system were also discussed (loans, reduction of supplies etc.), the immediate need to integrate the Sector in the NSRF programs, maintaining support for rents after February, the professional leases-suspension of evictions, the improvement of the program for outdoor radiators.

Yet, as noted in the announcement, The conditions for a safe and sustainable restart of the industry were discussed and the Minister requested the submission of a plan by the WTO for the safe and sustainable restart of the industry "when the health conditions allow it", renewing the meeting for the beginning of February.

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