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Reopening of schools: Self test to all students, except Primary!! Step by step how they will be declared by the parents

With a parent certificate in the negative results of the self tests, it seems that the children will return to schools. Yesterday's high numbers scared anyway (and) the Ministry of Education…..

The exact date for the opening of the schools is still unknown. The return of students to school will be judged by two factors, on the one hand the supply of self tests and on the other the course of the pandemic in our country.

It is noted that the return of students and teachers to the classrooms will be done with a mandatory self test every Monday, while a relevant amendment of the Ministry of Education describes that the submission of a coronavirus test will be a necessary condition for participation in the educational process., in schools, universities and other educational structures.

Tests for students and teachers

The thinking of the Ministry, is to make the self-diagnostic tests from educators, staff and students over 12 years at home.

"Parents will receive them from pharmacies, they will do it at home and then the students will come to school, the same will apply to teachers. We are planning this process, that is, how the students and teachers will arrive and with what certificate it will be documented that the test was done and it is negative "said the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education Anastasia Gika, speaking to ERT.

If there is a positive test, the current EODY protocol will be applied, where it will be declared to perform a new test in an examination center, any longer. At least at the beginning of the process all students will be tested and if someone is positive they will not enter the classroom, said Mrs.. Gika.

Step by step how they will be declared by the parents

The return of the children to the schools will be after a self test to be done by their parents at home, once a week.

As the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education explained to us, Anastasia Gika, even to the older children of Gymnasium and Lyceum, The tests must be performed by the parents and upon the result the parents will fill in a certificate / responsible statement where they will state the negative result.

This certificate will then be displayed by the children at the entrance of the classroom.

In case of a positive test The result will be announced on the special platform that is currently being processed by the Ministry of Digital Government and will follow what already applies in case of a positive case..

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For Easter, the two weeks of vacation are normally planned and reiterated the Ministry's orientation to extend the school year in June, bigger for Elementary and smaller for High School.

The Panhellenic women will take place at the same time as last year.

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