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Restaurants during Coronavirus: Chaos in focus!! Confiscations are coming to corporate accounts!! Businesses are disappearing!!

For focus and talk of incalculable disasters in the industry, as well as for lack of substantial support from the State, μιλούν η πρόεδρος του ΠΑΣΚΕΔΙ, N. Konstantinos and the president of POESE, C. Kavathas…….

Seizures in the corporate accounts of businessmen owed to PPC and other electricity companies, began in focus, with people in the industry talking to them about the impasses they have been led to

"This means that we will not be able to work with POS either, because we will have confiscation in our corporate accounts ", highlight.

People in the industry describe the magnitude of the disaster they have suffered. All the products that were supplied have now expired, even soft drinks, τονίζουν και προσθέτουν πως πλέον δεν έχουν χρήματα ούτε για την περίπτωση που επαναλειτουργήσουν, since they can not buy new goods, owe rent and can not even get a loan.

It is a shame to talk about the Refundable Advance, emphasizes in iEidiseis the Niki Konstantinou, the president of PASKEDI (Panhellenic Association of Catering Stores & Fun).

Asked if this measure really relieves focus she answers:

The repayable deposit is not the axis on which entrepreneurship is based. The return is for financially sound companies, which they received based on the criteria set by the algorithm to get the money for some and got one in two businesses and do not imagine that this amount is huge, to cover the cost of living of people who operate these years in the catering and entertainment industry.

"How do small businesses put it? 50% of customers who could; Since they have no space "

I believe that a business can be analyzed and studied at the core of the logic of its existence, which is to be active. Only the active business can be studied and say it produces or does not produce work. so, no refundable, from which the 50% of business people, can not compose economic indicators to ensure the viability of companies in their entirety.

What is needed, first of all, consumers should not be intimidated by the time we open. And we want to know what the terms are that we will operate. Imagine businesses below 150 sq.m., which do not have an outdoor area, because such is their nature, how they will be able to work; Small businesses how to put it 50% of customers who could; Since they have no space.

What will happen to these companies?;

Will disappear; They will disappear logically!!

So it is not enough to open, we have to open with specific terms, otherwise he will have to be compensated against 100% a business that is completely destroyed ", underlines and continues:

«Εγώ βλέπω και πώς έχουν τα πράγματα και σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο. Τα τελευταία εικοσιτετράωρα έχει γίνει μια αύξηση στη παγκόσμια αγορά στο μέταλλο κατά 35%, in all metals, which means that conditions in the industry are changing and this will lead to a huge global inflation crisis and the stock markets that stand very well with the money that very strong customers clearly took from the banks and buy the shares and we see that the economy is fragmented..

"These days, courts with PPC have also disappeared, DEDDHE, where the accounts will be confiscated "

This frightens us terribly, to the point that we can not sleep, because what is to come will not be dealt with. Thereafter, if we leave the general plan to the world economy and talk about Greece, Unfortunately, we have composed the tourist product as the main wealth-producing resource of the country.

This cannot be addressed or the gap left by the unpaid supplier in the market, which will close, together with employees. They will fall into catastrophic unemployment. And we from our side, since we could not pay our commissions, or in March, or in November, edible products that have expired and we are asked to pay for them. This will put a lot of pressure, suffocating, in two sectors in the market at the same time: and ours and the supply chain.

And there we do not forget, in our country there are thirty five thousand companies that are companies in the field of processing. The handicraft and industry in our country will receive another blow.

And we come and say: a business without electricity, can not exist!!

You now know that courts with PPC have been lost these days, DEDDHE, where foreclosures will be made on the accounts of entrepreneurs in their debts to the electricity companies.

"It simply came to our notice then. We have very bad situations. In this country that is full of light, we will live in darkness "

This means that we will not be able to work with POS either, because we will have foreclosures on our corporate accounts, we owe our rents and the real estate industry is protesting, why the social policy pursued by the government in not paying the rent in a percentage or in 100%, does not mean that it fully covers those who invested in the real estate market.

This is a powerful blow. Think, without electricity. We are talking Stone Age again. We have very bad situations. In this country that is full of light, we will live in darkness. We are professional entertainers of the world. We are not pessimists either, nor anything, we are ordinary people who have learned to entertain people, to socialize them in our stores.

Through us we get to know each other and we make families and we make culture with hospitality and we make what "Greece" means. We will not be able to do it because we will be less. Bankruptcy is not treated. To extend the day that will be officially established, does not mean that bankruptcy will be avoided.

"It simply came to our notice then. This with the returnable, it's a bit of a shame to mention it now "

The day they are called upon to supply their business and start it with debts incurred despite the state order to close down, that day we will realize that we have gone bankrupt, because they will not fill our businesses with products, nor will we be able to pay for electricity, nor our owner, because we owe them all. We have been completely crushed. This with the returnable, it's a bit of a shame to mention it now.

Some did, not everyone who trusts Justice got it, our favored State – and opened businesses. Losing confidence in the called state even in difficult cases, as is this unprecedented case, for being able to protect me from disappearing. We are not saying to compensate me at 100%. Do not disappear. To be able to deal with my child when my electricity is cut off and at home and he takes absences.

This thing is simple, not to happen, it is very ugly and it is a dead end within democracy itself. We want a guarantee of the value of life as citizens, as entrepreneurs is the second quality we carry and as employees. What is happening is tragic. They must not happen ".

Kavathas: How to refocus the focus;

"When we have an average repayable deposit in the 5th cycle, 4.500 euro, you realize that businesses, December, January, February, they give us 4,5 euro, which is to cover all fixed fixed costs for their operation ", stresses in iEidiseis George Kavvathas, the president of POESE (Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants & Related Professions), who adds:

namely, the energy, water supply, telephony, accountant's office, who need it to be able to do the various transactions with the State and the insurance funds, the security of the store, some liabilities they may have to the banks. With these 4.500 euro, you think a business can come out, when on average the inelastic monthly expenses of a business are closed 3.000 euro, excluding payroll, excluding rents;

"He did not give us any money to compensate for the losses of raw materials"

It is a relief of course, but not that they provide a solution to the problem. It is not liquidity that solves the problem. The 4.500 is average. The majority of businesses, because this program is horizontal, some companies, Most, they take 1.000 or 2.000 or 4.000 euro. The 4.500 results from companies that get more. So it is not a measure of support, essentially, industry. As well, if I accept it as a measure of support for the industry, I mean business, there is one or two families behind each business.

Ask these families who may have no other income, such income of their work, of the business, that is, of the catering, of those who survived November, December, January, February and let's go in March, so;

In other words, humanely, the inelastic cost of living is in line with the official data of the state. 1.200 euros and no one gave us any money, points out and continues:

He did not give us any money to compensate for the losses of raw materials. Today we are talking about no store in the industry has a product that is valid for the duration of its consumption. It's all over. Even soft drinks. Well, so I am not talking about any substantial support measure on the part of the State, I'm talking about relief measures financially. In loans, the focus was on the outside. In the regional programs of these regions, the NSRF, was the focus from the outside.

"How will the focus work again?; That is, how the obligations will be paid;»

I want to know, where the restaurant got money; Έλεγα λοιπόν ότι στους 12 months approaching in less than 20 days, that we have the pandemic in the country, the restaurant has not worked for five months and these five months it worked according to the data of ELSTAT, not our data. He has lost it 53% of our turnover.

I have already sent a letter to the finance staff, I ask them in view of the restart, whenever it happens, there should be a financial liquidity tool for businesses to restart, as working capital. That is, we need to refill businesses. With what money;

When the cash is available at 40% of business is zero, when the cash of the companies the 20% and now are enough for a month and only 16% business has liquidity, cash available for more than one month.

How to refocus the focus; That is, how the obligations will be paid.

I tell you that I do not owe to PPC, I do not owe to EYDAP, I do not owe the phone but I have to reload my shop and go get groceries, to get groceries, butcher shop, fisherman possibly, cellar, etc.. With what capital will I do it;

And if the problem was that I was the only one, maybe the market would believe me, but unfortunately the problem has it 70% of the industry or companies that are delivery and take away and operate during the lockdown, the rest of the industry does not have the cash to start. How to restart;».

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