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Restrictive measures: Curfew – This is the form of movement of public employees {Document}

The measure is implemented from the early hours of Saturday traffic ban between 00:30 until 5:00 in the "orange" and "red" areas that are part of the levels 3 and 4 respectively on the coronavirus health safety map………

With a certificate of movement, the employees in the public sector must move according to a relevant circular of the Ministry of Interior according tohours of traffic restriction 00.30 with 05.00.

So the moving employee must bring with him his police ID or passport, as well as the movement certificate, in printed or electronic form.

The necessary information
Among the items included in the certificate form, They are:

  • Employee ID
  • Address
  • Place of work
  • Working hours (attendance, planned departure, overtime and emergency travel)
  • Validity period of the certificate

Specifically according to the new regulations regarding the temporary restriction of citizens' movement during hours 00:30 until 5:00 in the peripheral units which according to the current health map are at the high and very high epidemiological level and the foreseen exception regarding the transition to and from work during the above hours, The competent personnel directorates or the competent body are called upon, on the basis of the opening hours of each public service and in particular on the basis of the working hours of the employees, to provide immediate with the curfew hours 12:30 a.m. until 5:00 a.m., movement certificate.

Please note that instructions for issuing the relevant movement certificate have been given in detail to circular ΔΙΔΑΔ / Φ.69 / 112 / οικ.8632 / 02-04-2020. particularly, It is reminded that the above Certificate of Movement, can be issued through the application of the Register of Human Resources of the Greek State, to which functionality has been added “Traffic Certificates”. A round stamp is placed on the printing of the Certificate of Motion and then it is considered valid.

It is reminded that in case of inability to issue a certificate through the inventory system, It is possible to issue the relevant certificate using the standardized form of Certificate of Movement which is an integral part of the new circular DIDAD / Φ.69 / 131 / οικ.19907 / 23-10-2020 for the convenience of the competent personnel services. In this case the above certificate is issued to the official concerned with an original signature of the competent body (head of the relevant personnel department or of the local body) and with a round seal.

See the travel form

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