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Saliva Test for Coronavirus: Rapid antigen tests with a saliva sample also came to Greece

New diagnostic capability of Covid 19 with the implementation of extensive diagnostic tests for the treatment of the pandemic give rapid antigen test with saliva sample that are also available in Greece……….

The new tests are done by taking saliva and not by taking samples from the throat and nose are more economical, simpler to execute, less annoying, with a lower risk of contamination and execution time is clearly faster, that is, they give immediate results and may prove to be the most drastic immediate solution to reduce the spread of COVID 19, multiplying the possibility of early diagnosis and immediately reducing the positive cases.

particularly, the rapid antigen detection test with a saliva sample, gives effect within 15 minutes, with sensitivity 95%, giving new perspective to the early diagnosis of Covid 19 and the opportunity for extensive testing. Ease and immediacy with the saliva sample, is expected to multiply the diagnostic potential, while this test is also ideal for children.

How the antigen test is done with a saliva sample

The test subject inserts saliva into a test tube to which the specific solution is added / reagent by mixing it. Three drops of the mixture are then taken and placed in the special diagnostic case, waiting for the result within 15 thin.

Molecular tests and rapid diagnosis tests

At the beginning of the pandemic the only acceptable test from the WHO was molecular PCR, which remains the golden rule for confirming cases, and recently, when it was no longer possible to control the spread, the COVID antigen diagnostic test was accepted 19 which has high reliability, with the use to date of nasopharyngeal sampling by specialized personnel.

The new saliva sample antigen test makes it easy, Multiple and rapid testing for positive isolation of positive cases and better control of the pandemic, contributing to the gradual return of normalcy to the economy and society.

Early diagnosis and tracking is key to tackling the pandemic

According to studies, if everyone did on average 2 test per month the contagion could be reduced up to 70% with 80% in just one month. Harvard University infectious disease researcher Stephen Kessler said that what we want to know is whether a patient is contagious, to isolate it in time and reduce transmission to the community and the antigen test is the most powerful and fast tool to prove it.

Rapid antigen tests, and especially new saliva samples, tend to change the diagnosis of Covid-19 and are the new strategy for early diagnosis of cases because they are fast and inexpensive in detecting antigenic proteins that allow positive cases to be detected..

The main advantage of rapid tests over molecular tests, is that the examinee knows immediately if it is positive or negative and this reduces the transmission by two days, with timely quarantine. At the same time the tracking of contacts can start 2 days earlier. The key to controlling the pandemic is the fastest tracking, timely detection of contacts and their isolation.

Duplicate antigen tests with saliva or nasopharyngeal sample selection, available from Newpharm A.E.. which has secured the exclusive representation for Greece and Cyprus.

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