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School canteen: Soft drink with crisps or fruit with yogurt

Maria Stavrakopoulou *
The strategic role of the school canteen in the diet of our children
The school beyond the primary educational and socio-cultural purpose must be the medium of health food……. Children learn at school to choose foods appropriate for their age and adopt long-term in their lives healthier choices in their diet.

Parents are required beyond the proper nutrition of children at home, To investigate whether the canteen and the school complies with the sanitary conditions and implements the National and Community Directive: fresh fruit, dried, natural juices, Milk, yogurt ,bagel, breadsticks, cereal bars ,toasted, nougat, halvah, toast strictly with boiled turkey 1% fat, eggs, dark chocolate are some of the permitted . prohibited the mood refreshments, brown and not allowed chewing gum and candies. The full list is published ,so it is easy to see.

, School canteen: Soft drink with crisps or fruit with yogurt

Research shows that about half of Greeks(44%) overweight and obese. An equally large percentage have tooth decay. Diseases that are directly related to their diet. A study by the University of Athens Physical Education and Sport which was attended 5.682 children 7-9 years from across Greece, found ,that only 12% of primary school canteens sell fresh fruits ,while in Slovenia 95%!.

As we take care to provide our children the best possible education ,so we need to control what they eat at school.
The hungry student ,at the break ,if not find chips will eat fruit or yogurt necessarily ... if .ektos has brought from home ,so dear parent my comment not far!

*Maria Stavrakopoulou, it is Biologist (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) with MSc in Ecology.
– Cooperation with the Ministry of Youth for waste management,
– Responsible Environmental Education Programs
– Instructional Greek-French School of Piraeus “Sain Paul”

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