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Schools during the Covid-19: Courses on holidays and vacations, to make up for lost hours!!

Coverage of the curriculum and replacement of the lost teaching hours with modifications and arrangements of the holidays, of holidays and celebrations, provides for an article in the Bill submitted by the Ministry of Education……

The layout for the holidays

layout (article 36) included in the bill on HEIs submitted to the Parliament for a vote stipulates that for the current school year 2020-21, due to the pandemic, all necessary measures are taken to cover the curriculum and make up for lost teaching hours, in Primary School, High Schools, through modification and adjustment (SS. by Ministerial decision):

A: of holidays, holidays and festive events

B: of absences and of the characterization of the student

C: the start and end date of pre-school registrations, infants and students A’ Primary School class, as well as the procedures and deadlines for their completion

D: any related to the above issues concerning individual and home-taught students

E: of study, of evaluation, of promotion and of student dismissal

F: in the admission of the candidates of the Panhellenic Examinations in the higher education

Z: any other related or more specific to the above

The Minister of Education stressed that the schools will operate with the measures suggested by the experts, while she pointed out that in the lyceums that will remain closed, e-learning will continue.

How the schools will work

    • Students and teachers to apply for tests

"Children in high schools have more intense contact with each other. Please teachers and students over 16 to apply for a test ", he said.

The Minister of Education also stated that Psychologists have been hired to help the educational community and the material for the national exams has been reduced, while emphasizing that "Experts suggest that sports activities be done in regular groups.

In order to open the high schools, it was decided to limit the trade. We will have cases, it is reasonable. The demand is that the measures be observed in the schools ".

Tutoring and university exams

Regarding the operation of the tuition centers, Niki Kerameos stressed that the experts have not yet suggested opening, while he stated that the exams in the universities will be done ex’ distance.

Regarding the Bill of the Ministry of Education for the HEIs that was submitted yesterday in the Parliament, The Minister of Education stated that it moves on two axes: introduction and upgrade.

«Minimal admission base because otherwise we are fooling the students and their fellow students. There will be a specific tuition limit. We have to upgrade the level of studies and the degrees ".

Regarding the guard body of the universities, noted that it will exist in some schools and not in all educational institutions.

End, commenting on the proposal of the professor of Epidemiology of the Medical School of the University of Athens, Athena Linou, to divide the students into other rooms so that their number per section is smaller, he said:

«Let's be a little realistic, we can not double the spaces across the country. There are practical difficulties for teachers as well».

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