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In the quarantine Greece: New strict measures – Closing malls, brown, bar, restaurants

confirmed 73 new cases only today, bringing the total number to 190, the five (5) considerable number of substances are hospitalized in serious condition, intubated in hospitals.

Inhibition shop opening is expected to announce the government by a legislative act, According to reports………

The coronavirus is still spreading rapidly in our country and now we have new information.

This followed the teleconference of Infectious Diseases participating in Response Committee on Public Health Event of virion.

Shortly after 18:00 the Friday evening, 13.03.2020, came and official announcements, the government decides to "padlock" in cafes and restaurants.

All these come both as preventive measure, but as "antidote" in statements recorded in the last 24 hour and demonstrate that the individual responsibility has been strolling ...! Pictures also like these caused impressions, with newsit.gr to the records throughout the last few hours.

"I said I would implement any measure needed to protect our people. Today we extend the measures for not having dispersion of coronavirus ", said Vassilis Kikilias starting the update.

and continued: "First they presented new cases. Secondly because the mitigation measures are not observed. I will say again that we are a battle that will be decided on who will show individual responsibility and collective consciousness ", said Health Minister, Vassilis Kikilias.

Then, He took the floor Mr.. Tsiodras and stressed: "We announce a total number 190 outbreaks, 36 of which are under investigation. 11 cases have no connection. 5 seriously ill and intubated. To date completed 2.700 "inspections.

With regard to the new measures; "Padlocks" everywhere!

Closing malls, coffee, bar, cafes, focus outside delivery and take away, libraries, museums and archaeological sites.

Detailed list:

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