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In "Oval" agreement is expected to arrive Booking-hoteliers to online bookings

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Postponed for September, every indication, the long-awaited appointment of Greek hoteliers to Booking to discuss the plywood that has broken out between the two sides….. The occasion was the ultimatum Booking for hoteliers (expired on pp 31 July) accept the new conditions imposed by the contracts were signed else would the "cut" the ability to accept reservations.

Under euro2day.gr,the two sides of friction is quite, but one of the conditions imposed "by the way I want" Booking was the one who raised the hoteliers in bars .... This is the requirement of Booking collect commission not only on the net (wholesale) price of the room and on VAT (!) that accompanies!

The reactions of hoteliers took large dimensions. One of these concerned the Aldemar hotel group who responded to the ultimatum Booking cutting it from the sales channels. Placement of the S / dos advisor Aldemar A. Angelopoulos in Euro2day.gr highlighted the wide range of reactions within the hotel community that "boiling" with the electronic platform but silent ....

The Booking then rushed to ... extinguisher to prevent the extension of fire that lit requesting appointments with leading players of the Greek market and the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers (POX).

The Booking who "burned" rushed to seek direct contact via skype .... Some of the powerful hoteliers, however, "They took" the practice of videoconferencing and asked "closely" negotiations. Face to face they say and in the village of regional manager of Booking, responsible for Greece.

Then fell on the table the possibility of a meeting in Greece space 5-9 August. Scenario burned in the making of ...

At present the two sides are preparing for the meeting. With the Tourism Minister Thanks Theocharis have bring home to Greek hoteliers that does not intend to intervene in the private dispute and that if they want to eat fish should be wetting their feet ...

The POX allegedly trying at this stage to draw with addressee letter-memorandum to Booking. hotel sources, however, point out how exactly this point comes the hard part about leadership of POX is required to demonstrate flexibility acrobat. That too, as explained, well behind the united front of hoteliers inherent counterbalancing interests. Interests which must be weighed against the leadership of the POX to maintain a solid front against the hoteliers Booking.

Project not by definition easy, as they explain the same sources, because the processes are in full swing in a complex environment that seems to favor the electronic platform.

There are four variables that shape largely different to conflicting interests of individual hoteliers groups and considers the fragile balance between themselves and their attitude to Booking.

The first case of operators active in the city hotel market. Companies which are almost fully rehabilitated by the tour operator, but completely addicted to online reservations and platforms such as Booking. For this group of hoteliers reservation by Booking form part of their daily "breath", said the same sources, and is extremely difficult to seek conflict with the platform.

The second variable concerns the development of this year's tourist season which develops negative. In this environment, supports the same sources, all hoteliers looking bookings from anywhere and no one wants to "break them" with Booking while the season is underway and, indeed, in peak season ...

The third variable is associated with the individual interests of small hoteliers with smaller capacity units of 50 Room. As explained hotel sources, the specific hoteliers have, in their majority, relationships with tour operator, not have their own sales channels and rely almost exclusively on bookings they receive through platforms such as Booking. For them, They say the same sources, the Boking a necessary evil but a must ...

A fourth variable refers to the digital literacy of many hoteliers ..., who do not know the "sport" of online reservation and fear that anything disturb their relations with platforms such as Booking, acts automatically in their pocket after causing problems in the only way they have to find customers.

In this backdrop Booking and POX start from different positions for the same objective: to square the circle!

While the Booking seeks to impose outrageous terms of hoteliers, without causing widespread reaction on their part. And the hoteliers seek to maintain their access to bookings Booking, putting "brake" to "colonial character" conditions set by the last.

Because, Nevertheless, squaring the circle has not been achieved to date, rather leads to ... oval solutions. With Booking and hoteliers to find reciprocal concessions.

The lure of the ever-growing online booking is large. So much so that in the upcoming appointment hoteliers Booking-empting many that will result in a "realistic" solution that meets everyone. And since the squaring of the circle is impossible, let it be, sources say hotel, an 'oval' agreement for the reservation pie subsequent years.

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