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Shopping during COVID-19: Total reversal with the shopping timer

On Monday the government left open the creation of an application through e-katanalotis with a timer up to 4 hours for shopping, on Tuesday morning, Deputy Minister of Development Nikos Papathanasis takes it back………

Yesterday, the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis revealed that he is on the table "system with timer with e-katanalotis" to come the… invalid a few hours after Deputy Minister of Development Nikos Papathanasis.

Specifically, Nikos Papathanasis stressed that this system can not proceed as not all people have smartphones and therefore can not be used by all citizens.

"What is the point of making such an application since the elderly do not have a smartphone and move with certificates of movement" asked Mr.. Nick Papathanassis. In addition, Answering the question whether it will be discussed on Friday and the opening of another branch, he stated that "apart from the Gymnasiums and Lyceums that will open on Monday 1/2, if the epidemiological data allow it, both OPAP agencies and lotteries will be opened as it concerns at least 14.000 employees across the country ".

In closing, he stressed that there is currently no discussion about the opening of the ski resorts.

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