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Ski Resorts: Strict opening to travel outside the Prefecture, open ski resorts with closed cafes, restaurants and food… in the room

The debate on lifting restrictions on travel outside the prefecture, opens, but exclusively for transportation to ski resorts!! indeed, there is no chance to date, to open immediately, freely, movements outside the prefecture…..

Those who plan to move next time to a ski resort, should know that coffee will not work, restaurants in the area, while the hotel is most likely to take their lunch… at the door of the room.

Closed cafes and restaurants will allow you to travel outside the prefecture for the ski resorts. Already, Discussion is currently taking place between the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis and businessmen in the sector.

According to reports, In order for citizens to travel to the ski resorts, they must present a booking certificate from an area accommodation during the check-in., while the opening of the chalets of the ski resorts is also considered.

Moreover, should be aware that they will encounter closed cafes and restaurants in popular destinations such as Arachova and Kaimaktsalan, while hotel restaurants will serve lunch at… door of the room.

For the time being, there is no possibility for complete liberalization of movements outside the prefecture. The partial lifting, if announced, will only apply to those who go to ski resorts.

Ski resorts: Half the season is lost, but we are ready to open tomorrow as well

THE winter tourism has already lost the 50% of the season, say the professionals despite the fact that we have at least another two full months ahead of us - maybe even more. This is because the Christmas period, which is the one that gives the most income, was lost.

It is obvious that winter tourism is currently at zero and has very little room to cover part of its losses..

In Greece there are 22 ski resorts which offer a lot to local economies.

"We we are ready to open whenever the lockdown is lifted. We have done relevant preparation and maintenance of our premises and machinery recently as required which cost 60.000 euro. Now how we get this money back is a question. We are ready. They are also waiting for the snow, because in recent years there has generally been a problem with the amount of snow. "

the Kalavryta are ready to open as there is a lot of snow at the moment says the director of the ski resort Mr.. Alexis Agrios.

"We have planned how we will welcome our customers, we expect less people but I believe that we will be able to better serve our skiers "he concludes.

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