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In the political chessboard the existing election law, the Prime Minister has the absolute initiative of movements

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"Political chess" in which, Nevertheless, the absolute initiative of movements has Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, will launch the upcoming debate on the government's policy statements,…… as after providing confidence vote will pave the way for changing the current electoral law of proportional voted Syriza.

According to reports, the government, as was made clear before the elections and Mr.. Mitsotakis, will be directed to reset enhanced analog system. The prime minister made it clear that the country must be able to govern if the first party to approach the rates 40%, without of course mentioning in this "Game", who will determine when the new election law submitted to a vote in the House - perhaps before the end of the year. In essence, The above description refers to the bonus restore that arrives with specific percentages of 50 or 40 seats for the first party, either directly or incrementally, depending on the electoral performance.

In essence, the government is now "decoupled" from the necessity of mandatory consensus with other parties, namely the KINAL, to change the electoral law, although it will seek. The possibility of Mr.. Mitsotaki move unilaterally shows two data: First, because LD. and KINAL sum total 180 MPs, so it is not possible by this House to obtain the majority of 200 seats required so that the new electoral law to apply to the next election, which with existing data held by proportional system.

Secondly, the independence achieved by LD. -but also the election of Trikoupi refusal to join a coalition government failing aftodynamias- relieve it of the need to make a "compromise" in the field of electoral law, that would be necessary if sygkyvernouse with KINAL, or the last vote had provided tolerance to Mr.. Mitsotakis.

It should be noted, however,, that after the formation of the new parliamentary map, in the background discussed a scenario that could lead to cooperation LD. KINAL and the direction of change of the electoral law. Specifically, between being revised articles of the Constitution, is the 54, concerning the electoral law. As said, ND. and KINAL could with 180 votes that have cumulatively to remove the provision that the immediate effect of the new electoral law needed 200 votes by the House, downloading this "ceiling", to eliminate the risk that the next elections take place by proportional. indeed, reportedly, Discussions are already in Trikoupi, although it is recognized that the ultimate initiative of movements is the Prime Minister.

Scaled 'bonus'

in any case, the KINAL, as mentioned interlocutors Mr.. Fofi Gennimata, It is not going to support the electoral law that would unduly reinforce the first party, such as that applied in the recent election. We will only discuss a scalable "bonuses" that will lead to an increase of the seats of the first party, proportional to the amount of the percentage. On his part, SYRIZA will insist on the validity of proportional he introduced. Moreover, SYRIZA can expect -as the second pillar of the new dikommatismou- benefits of restoring an enhanced analog system, without being charged himself the abolition of proportional representation that resonates in the left-hand part of the electoral audience.

Alongside, It is very likely opening the debate on the new election law, Prime Minister to put on the agenda the so-called "German model" that combines single member regions and a wide list and make it easier for young people to politics. Moreover, the renewal of political staff is central to the thinking of Mr.. Mitsotakis, as it was clear from both the ND ballots, and the composition of the new government shaped.

If, in any case, the government will have the final say regarding the new election law, will seek wider consensus in the field of revising the Constitution. indeed, reportedly, the LD. oriented support, with individual reformulations, some of the articles proposed by SYRIZA and gathered 151 votes in the first phase of the revision process in the previous parliament.

In each case, intention of Mr.. Mitsotakis is the second phase of constitutional reform to start around September and be completed before the start of the procedures for the election of the next President of the Republic. This means that the new President will be elected and may even with 151 votes, only ND, without of course excluding recoverable nominations to ensure broader consensus.

End, it should be noted that the thoughts of Mr.. Mitsotakis is a large incision in the political system. Specifically, considering to propose to reduce the number of MPs from 300 in 250. Moreover, is a common assumption that the number of deputies in the Greek parliament is disproportionately large in relation to the population of the country.


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