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Significant Change in the Government Gazette for the operation of local authorities: All municipalities Secretary, regardless of population (GG)

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There is now possible for municipalities, if they are financially ability, have Secretary, regardless of population…..

They voted in polynomoschedio "Home Office Settings, provisions for digital governance and other urgent issues " involving significant changes for all municipalities.

Changes voted, simultaneously analyzing their significance

I] First, important and positive change for municipalities, that is now given δυνατότητα σε όλους τους Δήμους και Συνδέσμους Δήμων, if they are financially ability, have Secretary. Δηλαδή ανεξαρτήτως πληθυσμού.

particularly, ar.161 the paragraph 1 of the Code of Municipal Employees (n.3584 / 2007), as replaced by the paragraph 1 of ID NO: 15 N / S, becomes as follows:

«1. Municipalities and Municipalities links with a population of over ten thousand (10.000) residents and municipalities that are capitals of prefectures and municipalities as Links, Municipalities or Communities with a total population of their members over three hundred thousand (300.000) residents, provided that which have similar economic opportunity, can the Internal Services Agency τους να συνιστούν θέση μετακλητού Γενικού Γραμματέα.

Municipalities recommended position revocable Secretary General under the preceding subsection, may maintain this position regardless of population size.

During the first term of the municipal authorities in municipalities established recommended by paragraph 1 of ar.154 of n.4600 / 2019 (Α΄ 43) may be appointed Secretary General, without the need to fill the population criteria provided in the preceding paragraph, even if not provided in the position Transitional Agency Internal Services. "

II] Second corrective intervention, important that, is that the ratio 3/5 – 2/5 at Administrations of all Government Legal Entities, not apply only to the definition of Elected Members, αλλά γενικώς στον ορισμό μελών. The calculation will include the President of the Board.

Specifically, the first sentence of paragraph 1 to No. 6 of the N / S read as follows:

«1. Where the legal provisions, presidential decrees and other normative acts, provided for the appointment of members to the management of legal persons of cities and regions, and their links, when this ratio, three fifths (3/5) those members, including the board chairman, with their alternates, indicated by the mayor or the Prefect, respectively, and two fifths (2/5) from other factions. "

III] Στις αρμοδιότητες της Economic Municipalities, added the following competence:

"Ms.) decide on the acceptance of inheritance, bequests and donations ".

We note that this is a responsibility which is already there in paragraph 1, ar.72 of n.3852 / 2010 which reflected the Economic Commission powers, but the Minister had forgotten in paragraph 1, of Law no.3 / S.

IV] Corresponding addition introduced for the regions.

The competence 'S') decide on the acceptance of inheritance, bequests and donations " It had likewise omitted and there was in paragraph 2 of the Law no.3 / S replacing paragraph 1 of ar.176 of n.3852 / 2010 για την Οικονομική Επιτροπή των Περιφερειών.

V] Is given retroactivity, the New Year, the arrangement concerning the continuation operation of municipal companies non-profit organization of TABs.

In the letter the Minister, two new ones are added to par.16 of No. 5 of the N / S, so this result as follows:

"Especially for urban non profit companies in which the greatest proportion of their capital held by one of the case bodies a paragraph 1 of the article 100 of Law. 3852/2010, it is possible to continue operating after the end of the time provided for in the constitutive act, by appropriate modification of incorporation.

Η ισχύς των διατάξεων του προηγουμένου εδαφίου αρχίζει από 1/1/2019. Σε περίπτωση που οι εταιρείες αυτές έχουν τεθεί σε εκκαθάριση, is revoked. "

WE] Change in the Article on συμπράξειςστους Δήμους

In paragraph 1, No. 1 of the N / S, η φράση «των μελών των Παρατάξεων που θα συμπράξουν» αντικαθίσταται από τη φράση «κάθε Παράταξης που συμπράττει». This point is as follows:

"The record for the pool anytime submitted within the office of the Municipal Authority and not revoked, countersigned by at least the absolute majority members of the factions will join each faction joins and submitted to the President of the City Council. "

VII] A corresponding change in paragraph 2 of the No. 1 to N / S, forσυμπράξεις” in the Regions.

"The record for the pool anytime submitted within the Regional Authority office and not revoked, countersigned by at least the absolute majority members of the factions will join each faction joins and filed to the president of the regional council. "

GG to Article 15 – Setting personal issues specific positions Municipalities and Regions [Gov. page 13]

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