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Στοναέρατα Διπλώματα οδήγησης!! Over 100.000 υποψήφιοι παραμένουνόμηροι

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Thriller with driving licenses: Why candidates waiting; What happened;

New Transport and against driving instructors ministry - Hostages thousands trainee driver……

Driving instructors say they are the processes! According to those, the responsibility of non-conducting driving test lies the National Federation of Driving Instructors (POEO).
Over 100.000 Trainee drivers remain "hostages" because for months not conducted driving tests for diploma. And all this despite the agreement of the Transport Ministry with insurance companies, and which accept the vehicle insurance coverage and candidate drivers, which pave the way to resume the tests were discontinued from October 2018.
New developments in the thriller is that Instructors Driving declare that they are of the procedures! The responsibility of non-conducting driving test lies "intact" -like features highlighted- the National Federation of Driving Instructors (POEO), as reported in a statement the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which refers to "unprecedented, distasteful and acting theatrical ".
In detail, the communication ministry says:

Calls for abstention

"With communication, the National Federation of Driving Instructors (P.O.E.O.), relied on various pretexts, the lack of an insurance product to the Constitution and ... the European Convention on Human Rights and invites all industry trainers to refrain from conducting qualification tests and conduct of candidate drivers.

This is an unprecedented, nasty and hypocritical theatrical performance starring the Board of the Federation, which on the one hand argues that "cares" for prospective drivers, legality and transparency and on the other slander the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport that keeps 'hostages' 100.000 learner drivers, while at the same time and now seeks to hold hostage prospective drivers that have been trained.

"The meeting" There was fruitless

In the alleged fruitless meeting 08-04-2019 attended, along with other industry bodies (Panhellenic Association of Driving Instructors and Road Safety, Federation Instructor Candidate Schools Greece) used as the sole basis that the N. 4599/2019 It can not be applied because the insurance companies will not respond by providing the insurance product of paragraph 10 of Article 4.

Much to their dismay that this meeting not only was not fruitless, but brought immediate results because the Union of Insurance Companies (EAEE) who was present at the same meeting, not only committed and before them, but even delivered the next day a clear timetable for placing the insurance product of its members.

Since the first paragraph of the communication is crystal clear that the only goal they have is to return to the old regime of the "indissoluble relationship" teacher - candidate driver. The leadership of the Infrastructure and Transport Ministry responds to all requests relating to the smooth and efficient application of n.4599 / 2019, but in no way discusses restore the "old regime" to perform qualification tests and behavior and not blackmailed by any.

End, In its communication the intact assume responsibility for the non-conducting examinations of drivers candidates and hope not to find many "followers" in choosing to sacrifice a branch on the altar of political expediency and not only specific trainers "

Lose driving licenses, one in two Greeks!!! – Who will re-sit exam;

, Στον “αέρα” τα Διπλώματα οδήγησης!! Over 100.000 υποψήφιοι παραμένουν “όμηροι”

Fee total cost 113 euro aged drivers should pay electronically over 74 years who want to renew their driving license, while they must pay again the exam.

Electronics fees cost 113 euro include the following details:

  • license renewal 50 euro (code e-fee '23').
  • Print form driving license 30 euro (code e-fee '28').
  • Stamp renewal license 18 euro (code e-fee '65').
  • Test of skills and behavior (practice exam) 15 euro (code e-fee '2038').

Note: There surcharge (supply) any fee from any bank.

also, if the license is damaged or we change data, You need extra fee 9,02 euro.

, Στον “αέρα” τα Διπλώματα οδήγησης!! Over 100.000 υποψήφιοι παραμένουν “όμηροι”

What about the practical examination

The practical examination starts with the test from the examiner documents necessary driver (such as identity, passport and driving license) and vehicle (authorization, technical checklist, exhaust card, insurance policy or special security badge, Proof of payment of road tax) and then followed by substantial practical examination by the examiner.

In document Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to Transport Departments and insurance companies highlighted, that, during practical tests drivers over 74 years, no specific tests conducted, excluding:

  • control for vehicle preparation Furthermore, when dealing with motorcycle, check for wear helmets and other protective.
  • control for security measures when leaving the vehicle, or respectively, when dealing with motorcycle, control for the immobilization, Parking the vehicle and safely remove it.

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