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strategic choice of Tourism Ministry of the development planning of marine tourism and home porting

"Within the framework of the EU Strategy for Growth Blue, the area of ​​marine and coastal tourism presents special opportunities for promoting sustainable development in Europe. It is the greatest maritime sector both in terms of value added and in terms of job creation……

The job growth is key, hub for us. H development and promotion of cruise and yachting can contribute substantially to this. The strengthening of marine tourism creates growth prospects with multiple benefits for the domestic economy, not only for upgrading infrastructure and improving services and creating jobs is a priority for us.

Nautical tourism is our strategic choice and our growth plan for the coming years aimed at improving and strengthening the infrastructure in marinas, cruise and home porting.

Already the first in Greece Presidential Decrees issued approving locating marinas medium and large (Chios, Alimos and Pylos) in areas under special zoning protection status.

Recently, approved the partial license discrete portions of the tourist port Messolonghi, capacity 84 berths and 50 land boat storage positions.

The land area will include the necessary support premises for the full service of visitors and passengers of vessels.

The project, which constituted a longstanding demand of the local community, will develop, new life and outlook in the region while, at the same time, will enhance the competitive position of our country in the European tourism market.

we plan, vision and ideas for the development of the tourism product in the following years. This plan highlights from now on quality.

Now that the quantitative indicators of the Greek tourism, Arrivals, income, shares are now at very high levels, to achieve development of the tourism product in the coming years requires an emphasis on quality of service, infrastructure, extension in time and space of tourist product.

also, Our priority is the thematic tourism. We have a comprehensive development framework of all the special forms of tourism.

Today opens the way for the development, upgrading and investment development tourist ports while proceeds and a large number of approvals for projects in tourist marinas and anchorages.

Our priority is sustainable development. And exemplifies our targeting is the sustainable development of the southern beach front while addressing environmental challenges. We seek sustainable development that respects the environment and complies with European regulations and international best practices.

Addressing the total servicing needs of growing commercial vessels in the area will result in qualitative tourism development and increase traffic, new revenue streams and increase jobs.

For the first time in Greece there is a single national strategy for the development of the cruise and marine tourism, an achievement of cooperation and coordination of relevant agencies operating through the National Coordinating Committee for the cruise.

In our development planning for the coming years we aim to be able our ports and infrastructure to meet modern global trends, to become more competitive and increase our attractiveness in marine tourism.

In the global tourism promotion and outreach program implemented by EOT, giving special attention to the promotion of destinations and products we offer to cruise, yachting, marine and coastal leisure and tourism diving.

the foundations have been set for move to the next steps in order for Greece to get the place it deserves on the world map as a strong force in marine tourism.

The achievements and our continued efforts demonstrate our commitment to support the development of marine tourism with Greek pillars cruise tourism, yachting, marine and coastal leisure and tourism diving.

We focus on the exploitation of all the opportunities and challenges and in close cooperation and coordination between Member, agencies and private sector.

We seek to increase jobs and to safeguard labor rights
I fully understand the problems and concerns of the industry and have a positive approach to these.

The ultimate goal is equitable development through a framework that favors local economies, the industry, revenue, further enhancement of the tourism product.

With these thoughts I wish you every success in the Meeting, like any form of wide consultation among prominent professionals and agencies, I believe it will produce a fruitful dialogue ".

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