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Convening the Municipal Councils Election Bureaus, Election time & All New Data process

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H new procedure for the election of the bureaux of Municipal Councils. will be implemented in September this year the first time. The relative ar.64 Kallikratis (n.3852 / 2010) replaced by ar.71 Cleisthenes (n.4555 / 2018) and then two points amended by section 6 of the No. 5 recent polynomoschediou (n.4623 / 2019)…….
That presents the data of the new institutional framework, pending issuance of the Circular established by the Ministry of Interior,

The convening of the Municipal Councils for the election of their bureaux, concerning ELECTION TIME, be held Sunday 8 September.

Recall that par.g 'per.4 of the No.9 Kallikratis, as he replaced No. 6 Cleisthenes, stipulates that, for the first application of, "The installation of the new Authorities will take place on September 1, 2019".
The recent polynomoschedio added to paragraph 1 of ar.64 concerning the election bureaux Municipal Councils that "during the first implementation of the par.g per.4 of No.9, in the foregoing paragraphs shall convene the Council takes place NEXT SUNDAY BY INSTALLING Municipal Authorities ".

Furthermore, for the election and stay at Bureau, note that quotes:
– in view of paragraph 1 of the No. 1 n.4623 / 2019 introduced the concept of factions partnerships, those municipalities any place partnerships, the phrase "Alignment with which the Mayor was elected" means "the Associates Arrays". Practical partnership can also be submitted and ratified "at any time within the term", and even "before the election bureau".

– according to paragraph 4, of the ar.114 n.4623 / 2019, "The City Council member who became independent or removed from the array of, can not (…) continue to be a member of the Bureau (…) wherein he elected as a member of the array from which became independent or deleted ".

So, passing on the way the election, apply the following:

[1] The City Council meets to elect Bureau, later by invitation of Director of "Combination of the elected mayor" elected with the most votes and, in case of a tie, what is written in the first row to the judgment.

This meeting is chaired by the Director convened the Council, delegating the tasks of the Council special secretary to one of the employees of the Municipality.

[2] The Bureau consists of the President, Vice President and Secretary, as follows:

(a) The president comes "from the faction elected Mayor, either became first or second electoral force ".

(b) VICE comes "from Array that emerged, respectively, second or first in electoral power, but has not disclosed the Mayor '.

(c) The secretary comes "from the third election in Marshalling power". If there are other factions, except those cases A and b, Secretary from the Alignment of a case.

[3] The president, Vice President and Secretary elected at that meeting, separately and by secret ballot, according to the following procedure:

(a) First invited Councilors belonging "to the array of the Mayor ' and elect by secret ballot one of them as proposed for the office of President. Candidate for this office is elected who obtains an absolute majority of all members of the party. If none of the parties does not obtain an absolute majority, then the vote is repeated.

Even though in this second vote not obtained the absolute majority of all members of the party or of a tied vote, then carried out a third vote between the two finalists.

During the third vote elected who obtain the simple majority of those present. In case of a tie by drawing lots. The draw conducted by the presiding Officer.

(b) then invited the Councilors belonging to the above case 2-b and elect by secret ballot one of them as proposed for the post Vice, the same procedure.

(c) Subsequently invited the Councilors belonging to the array of case above 2-c and elect by secret ballot one of them as proposed for the post of Secretary, the same procedure.

In case JUST ONE CANDIDATE for any of the offices of the Bureau of the City Council, he is the candidate proposed by the Marshalling.

If any of the three positions No nomination derived from the corresponding Marshalling, then called the whole body, to elect among all the Municipal Councils proposed for the office for which a candidate is absent, "The process of case A '.

(d) After the election of the proposed candidate for each of the offices of the Bureau, City Council called Validate with VOTE the election of the indicated candidate for each office.

The nominee for each office is considered elected,
– Where no different proposal
– if any of the different proposals that may be submitted, by secret ballot conducted in which participates the first nominee, failed to obtain the two thirds (2/3) the total number of city council members.

in addition to, noted that Failing ELECTION for any reason or meeting aborted, because no quorum was formed, The meeting resumed the following Sunday, and shall apply the above provisions.

Although the second meeting not achieved or thwarted election meeting, because no quorum was formed, deemed elected, it depends on the situation, the Directors were in turn more crosses, according to the judgment which declared the, from the corresponding Array according to above approx.[2].

If there are no Consultants factions referred to above approx.[2], the positions occupied by the Directors "Line-of Mayor ', treated in order of most crosses, according to the same judgment.

End, the minutes of the election shall be transmitted within 5 days of conducting the election in Decentralized, which, ex officio or upon citizen action before the, exerted byithin a deadline 5 days of conducting the election, ruling, into 5 days later following the receipt of the minutes, the legitimacy of the election. IF CANCELED any election for the above postulates, repeated the first Sunday, after receipt of the annulment decision.

As for his resignation from the office of President – Vice – Secretary, shall be submitted to City Council and becomes final, after the corresponding position filled. The resigning remains Advisor. At the same meeting, which takes place on the first Sunday after the submission of resignation, the procedure of the above, the Council shall, where appropriate, elect new President – Vice - Secretary respectively.

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