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Concerts for enhancing maintenance-of Mykonos Folklore Museum with the music school "D.Finis"

In his address, the Mayor of Mykonos Mr.. Constantine P.. Koukas reported:

"The Folklore Museum of Mykonos, is a museum section to Mykonos and history. In his invaluable contribution to the place of, the late Basil Kyriazopoulos, composed the 1958 the first block of the current museum exhibits, a collection that was enriched occasionally by other donors, organized and studied by several scholars and folklorists. The result was a unique: an exhibition space, which together with its annexes constitutes the latest footprint of our island through time.

In the castle, home of the CAC Nicholas Malouhou, great-grandfather of the founder Vassilis Kyriazopoulos museum, out wedding dresses but also everyday, chests, jewelry, embroidery, utensils and furniture, decorations, and historical manuscripts that reveal the recent course of Mykonos for today. Imaging a Mykonian house to find in Lena's House, donation of 1970 to the Folk Museum, from Mykonos George and Joanna Drakopoulou. A typical Mykonian windmill added to the collection of the museum 1984. This is the Mill of Boni, acquisition of the museum 1962.

The Folklore Museum of Mykonos is not the guardian of our tradition. She, It is alive and surrounds us in our daily life. Tradition is way more than history. Η παράδοση είναι περισσότερο ζωντανό κομμάτι μιας κοινωνίας παρά λήθη.

Allow me therefore to note that the museum was first voiced the need to record something valuable, which of course relates to what is was our recent history.

With this museum was achieved and expressed successfully by our recent culture, revealing the need Mykoniati and Mykoniatissas talk confidently about their cultural identity, feel pride for the way of life.

The Folklore Museum, supported in any way by the beginning of the term of our Municipal Authority and we are open to any proposal of the board of directors, and any other Association which actively supports the museum needs, which is actually many.

To emphasize that for me personally and members of the Municipal Authority is highly instructive obvious lesson of the museum this effort, namely those that made our country famous and unique in the world:, was simplicity, the measured satisfy every need, net expression.

I am sending this message to all my fellow citizens, seeking to challenge a look at the recent past years, to remember the foundation on which we built our present, cornerstone that must be respected.

Congratulations to all players in the Museum's aid initiative, the Association of Friends of the Museum and especially the Music School Dimitris Finnis that everything in perfect cooperation with the Municipality of Mykonos strengthens the social dimension of our local community. "

The president of the Association "Friends of Folklore Museum of Mykonos" Mr.. Marigoula Apostle thanked the Mayor and the Municipality of Mykonos for the cooperation and the assistance, cultural organization for the allotment of the hall of GRYPAREIO and of course Mr.. Rosewood Kelesiadi, our maestro Dimitris Finnis and the whole school of music who trusted us and embraced their work and said among other things:

"With music paint sounds, fly to the stars, know different cultures and civilizations and, The main, communicate.

With music by Dimitris communicate we too endeavor you are doing to support another important cell culture, living witness of local tradition and history of our country. Folklore collection Mykonos, comprising the Folklore Museum of Mykonos and its appendices: The "Lena's House" and the Agricultural Museum- "Mill of Boni '.

The museum was founded in 1958 with love from Santa Kyriazopoulos with the help of the entire society then Mykonian. There is a public body and not receiving any funding or government grant, while the entrance to it and its annexes are free. For operation and maintenance relies solely on private deals. Unfortunately, the ravages of time, the ever increasing maintenance needs of its exhibits, some of which are unique in their kind exhibits in the Aegean, and new economic data (ENFIA, Employer contributions etc.) They have brought dire financial situation the museum while the Building and operating needs intensified.

For this reason, Μυκονιάτες που πιστεύουμε ότι η παράδοση μας πρέπει να προστατευτεί αλλά και να αναδειχτεί περαιτέρω πήραμε την πρωτοβουλία και ιδρύσαμε το Σωματείο «Φίλων του Λαογραφικού Μουσείου» με σκοπό την εξεύρεση πόρων για την λειτουργική στήριξη του μουσείου αλλά και την συντήρηση των κτηρίων και των εκθεμάτων του. In this effort, We need all around us!

  • The music school Dimitris Finnis and the Municipality of Mykonos embraced our stand and our helpers and supporters.
  • The museum is a place of remembrance and self-awareness and an ability different enhancement of our cultural heritage.
  • WE can all contribute to this space to restore and gain the momentum it on our website!!»
  • The musical program followed was exquisite:

In the first concerta students performed pieces in solo appearances, unfolding their talent in front of the audience that watched them with interest and rewarded with warm applause. The concert was given emphasis in the first steps of young musicians and advanced students participated and showed that the course of study as children grow.

In the second concert participated classical orchestra School, attributing the work of Manos Hadjidakis "Gioconda's Smile". It was the first time presented a large classical orchestra with children of different ages and levels, but together they managed n’ cope with the demands of the pentagram, interpreting this great work.

The narrative had taken Angela Kalafati, which in its own unique and highly theatrical way he interpreted the Manos words prefacing pieces of the orchestra.

The result was magnificent and touching together. The children gave their best surpassing all expectations, in a work so beautiful and yet so demanding. The applause and the excitement came to the reward for their impeccable interpretation and to reward them for the effort they have made throughout the course of the preparation of the concert.

real, Well, and in spite of the times it proves that music education in our island grows and evolves every day for the benefit of children, society and culture with helpers and supporters of Mykonos City and all of you who support us and embrace us all these years!

The amount collected in favor of the Mykonos Folklore Museum was 2.355,00 euro, which will greatly enhance our work.

Thank you all very much for your help and your support!

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