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Constitutional concession small ports in HRADF - the municipalities of appeals rejected (Mykonos)

legal surrendering to HRADF and then transfer to third parties of small ports and marinas yacht, as the transfer aims in the public interest.

With this decision opens the way for the privatization of a number of small and tourist ports of the country

In detail, the Supreme, dismissed the applications in c-met had gone Municipalities, Municipal Port Authority and residents of regions and ports demanded by the canceled 13.8.2012 decision of the Interministerial Committee for Restructuring and Privatization for the transfer to HRADF small ports and marinas yacht (marinas) in various regions of the country. the HRADF, with contracts, has the right to grant to third parties to exploit, use etc.. small tourist ports.

In this decision included the 900 the country's small and tourist ports 46 which was not necessary for military purposes, They had not been granted to individuals, and those who did not have the minimum facilities, like some tourist ports which can be integrated in a single sailing or nafsiploiki route so you can create a marina (hub-marines, satellite ports).

The Plenary Council of State rejected as unfounded all the claims of Municipalities, Others, stressing that under the legislation mnimoniaki, these concessions of small ports' intended to meet certain public interest, ie redemption of public debt, basis of a comprehensive program ".

According to the State Council is "permissible and not contrary to the provisions of Articles 106, 25 and 5 the Constitution, nor Article 24 protecting the shoreline and beach.

particularly, the State Council had recourse:

1) Municipalities Glyfada, Skyros, Skiathos, resource, Mykonos, Epidaurus Zakynthos and Rethymno,

2) The Municipal Port: a) Tower port Katakolo, b) Southern Dodecanese for the port Mandraki Rhodes and c) Southern Dodecanese for Rhodes and Hydra port,

3) Residents, Alimos, Glyfada, Mykonos, Hydra, Rhodes, Kos Rethymno, Souda, Zakynthos, Cephalonia, Itea and Katakolo,

4) The Workers Club in Harbor Funds Western Crete

5) The SA Tourist Port Operations Company Kos, which has been leased from the City of Kos 1999 and for 40 years the port of Kos (The Municipality participates in Kos 90% the capital of the company).   
Source: aftodioikisi.gr
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