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Syros- "The Syrian We Deserve" : The ease of avoiding teleconferencing, conscious concealment and the apparent failure of site recovery

After almost two (2)months since the onset of the covid-19 corona pandemic in our country and about fifty (50) days of the gradual imposition of restrictive measures on citizens, in schools, stores and businesses, but also the imposition of a travel ban at the national level, I think it's time to make a first assessment of all of this locally, our island, as the results so far show that Syros is passing this unprecedented test intact……….

They have, Nevertheless, so things; Syros has passed this test unscathed; On the horizon, a smooth return to our normalcy and normal daily life is on the horizon.; There is a chance that we will soon see the world circulating freely, our stores are operating normally, businesses to return to their pre-Koronian productivity and tourism to recover to levels of recent years; And we will be able to cope with the severe economic recession that seems to be coming at a gallop.;

These are many and reasonable and many other questions, but the answers are, if anything, uncertain and risky, anyone will reasonably wonder about what actions have been taken by the Municipal Authority for the past two years (2) months that have been officially announced to our citizens.

A look at the website of our Municipality will prove that, beyond the wishes and persuasions of the citizens, few have dealt with the effects of the corona on the island and its citizens!

Even her press release 26th March about supporting local businesses and citizens has been left to chance. The direct actions of the Economic Committee and the Municipal Council mentioned in the press release before 35 days(!), to make a decision on the implementation of a package of measures, will be "discussed" at Monday's City Council 4 May! That is, here the world is literally burning and the municipal authority of our place is going with its "Arab"…

How to say "talk", sure, after not just committee members, but also of the highest collective body of our island, ie. of the Municipal Council, they have forgotten what more than two will say here (2) months! The last "live" meeting was held in 27 February and we all remember how it evolved and ended up…

Of course, Someone will say how it is possible for a political multilateral body to meet when such harsh restrictive measures have been imposed to avoid co-ordination and dispersal of the corona in the midst of a pandemic..

For this, Well, the legislator made sure to provide, since the 11 Of March (Article 10 of the PNP published in the Official Gazette 55 Α΄ and was ratified by N.. 4682/2020),"The taking of decisions of the collective bodies of the local authorities of first and second degree or by circumference, either by teleconference by any appropriate means of telecommunications ». After more than two months, The result so far proves that in the case of our Municipality,some are hiding behind the phrase "by wandering" and ignoring the teleconference prediction, as diligently and repeatedly as we have asked for it as a municipal faction of the major minority!

The last two months, Two meetings of the Municipal Council have taken place - followed by next Monday's meeting-always by wandering! The same, not, has been held with a multiple number of meetings of the various Committees and other bodies within the same period.

And don't rush into saying it's a difficult task, or that there is no technical possibility, or that supposedly not all computer consultants have relevant knowledge, anno 2020, because we will laugh even harder than that,what we laugh at the timeless films of the old Greek cinema. And I explain very simply:

There are unlimited technical possibilities in our Municipality, not only because there are many worthy executives to "set up" and support a teleconference, but because there are similar means. A great example is "Attempt" to convene a meeting of the Economic Committee via video conference on 31 Of March, where, in addition to the President, both members of the minority (of Mr. A. Athanasios and me), none of the other four members of the Municipal Authority participated, with the result that there is no quorum and the Committee will convene in the end.

As for the means required to participate in a teleconference, there are too many examples. It is not possible for the whole of Greece to meet through teleconferences at this time, distance learning in schools of all levels through teleconferencing, to convene smaller bodies (from ours)neighboring municipalities through teleconferences, as l.ch. the tourist committee of the Municipality of Serifos(!), long-distance work has been implemented in almost the entire public sector, etc.. and the Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis to remain a spectator and the tail of the developments with its organs being in aphasia!

Even the so-called inability to record minutes of meetings to claim, It would be good to know first that there are too many teleconferencing platforms available (and even for free) they offer exactly this feature in an audio and video file.

It also provides the option of using either a landline or a laptop, ortablet, or even a "smart" mobile phone (smartphone) to participate in a teleconference. Most examples and let me have the same - and even found- view on this!

End, as,as to the possible argument that not all computer consultants have, or other compatible device, or relevant knowledge, anno 2020, even that is being demolished, και πάλι από τον ίδιο το νομοθέτη που ήδη από τις 30 Of March (Article 43 of the PNP published in the Official Gazette 75 Α΄ and was ratified by N.. 4684/2020) προέβλεψε«έως την 31or Μαΐουτην δυνατότητα σύγκλησηςδημοτικών και περιφερειακών συμβουλίων με τη συμμετοχή του ενός δευτέρου (½) των μελών τους, αντί των δύο τρίτων (2/3) currently in force, σε μία προσπάθεια άμεσης και ταχείας σύγκλησης των συλλογικών αυτών οργάνων, προκειμένου να καθίσταται ευχερής η λήψη αποφάσεων» (source: αιτιολογική έκθεση του Ν. 4684/2020). Υπάρχει περίπτωση να ισχυριστεί κάποιος ότι περισσότερα από τα μισά μέλη του δημοτικού συμβουλίου δεν έχουν υπολογιστή, or other compatible device, or relevant knowledge, ή ακόμη και σύνδεση στο διαδίκτυο;

Εκτός εάν η Δημοτική Αρχή φοβάται ότι δεν θα έχει την πλειοψηφία (που ούτως ή άλλως είναι οριακή) σε μια τέτοια περίπτωση. Αυτό αλλάζει τα δεδομένα και μας κάνει να αναρωτιόμαστε γιατί επιλέγει και επιμένει εδώ και δύο μήνες να φέρνει στο Δημοτικό Συμβούλιο προς έγκριση σημαντικά θέματα δια περιφοράς, υποβαθμίζοντας έτσι την ουσία και τη σημασία τους, και όχι μέσω τηλεδιάσκεψης.

  • Μήπως φοβάται ότι αυτά δεν θα τύχουν εγκρίσεως;
  • Μήπως φοβάται τον διάλογο και τον τεκμηριωμένο, με επιχειρήματα αντίλογο, της αντιπολίτευσης και σπεύδει να τα περάσει «τσάτρα πάτρα»;
  • Ή μήπως θέλει να αποφύγει τη δημοσιότητα που αυτά θα λάβουν, με τις όποιες συνέπειες υπάρξουν γι’ αυτήν και τα στελέχη της;
    Εύλογα ερωτήματα που χρήζουν απάντησης πολύ σύντομα.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Municipal Authority,οι εξελίξεις τρέχουν ραγδαία, ο κορωνοϊός και οι συνέπειές του καλπάζουν, όλα τα γειτονικά νησιά μας, μικρά και μεγαλύτερα, δείχνουν να έχουν καταστρώσει ένα στρατηγικό πλάνο για την αυριανή μέρα, ένα πλάνο που επιδιώκει να αμβλύνει, as much as possible, τις δυσμενείς και αρνητικές επιπτώσεις του κορωνοϊού, in the society, στους πολίτες, στους επιχειρηματίες, στον τουρισμό και σε άλλους τομείς της καθημερινότητάς μας.You, Nevertheless,παραμένετε απαθείς, ανήμποροι, απρόθυμοι και εξαφανισμένοι από την αγωνία των συμπολιτών μας και τα στοιχήματα της επόμενης ημέρας.

Simply put, η τοπική μας κοινωνία θέλει το Δήμομπροστάρη, αρωγό και συμπαραστάτη της, όχι θεατή και ουραγό των εξελίξεων!

With these thoughts, θέλω να ευχηθώ καλό μήνα και καλή Πρωτομαγιά, με υγεία πάνω απ’ όλα, και σύντομα να επιστρέψουμε όλοι στην ομαλότητα και τη φυσιολογική ροή της ζωής μας όσο το δυνατόν πιο ανώδυνα!

George Dounavis
t. City Council President

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